Camp Time is Heal Lice Time!

Camp time is one of the worst times of the year for head lice. Head lice cases have hit epidemic proportions as the over the counter products have become less and less effective. Campers are in close quarters and love to take pictures. Have you ever seen your child(ren) in a photo where their head is touching another child’s head? Head to head, or hair to hair, contact is the number one way to contract head lice. Another good way to contract head lice is to share helmets. We often tell our clients to buy their child(ren) their own helmets to bring to camp.


Lice Lifters® will check your head, kill and remove nits and live lice, and send you home with a follow-up treatment plan. They are also a retail store that sells their own The Nit Nanny® Product Line.


Lice Lifters® uses the revolutionary, FDA- cleared AirAlle’™ device for the treatment of lice and nits. The AirAlle’™ device provides a treatment that is non-chemical, effective and fast.  It kills the nits using heat, and therefore, it effectively kills head lice and lice eggs without any dangerous or harsh chemicals.  In addition, the treatment can be done in half the time of a traditional comb out.


Happy camping!


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