Old Bridge High School graduate Tyler Brown has battled from the very moment he decided to become a professional baseball player. Now his hard work is paying off. Brown was recently added to the roster of the Atlantic League Camden River Sharks.

“It's a dream come true but like anything you truly want it takes hard work and dedication”, said Brown.

In high school Brown played 3rd Baseman but switched over to pitcher at the college level. After tryouts with several Major League Baseball teams he decided to switch positions again - this time learning the catcher's position. Brown currently plays catcher for the River Sharks and has done so well that he's been added to the fan ballot for the Atlantic League All Star Game in Sugarland, Texas.

"Even to be considered in the same class of some of this league's best catchers is a thrill”, said Brown.

Whatever the outcome Brown is laser focused on finding his way onto a Major League Baseball team. As another option to impress scouts,  he's begun working with a top pitching coach to refine his mid 90's fastball & slider. 

“Everyone loves a 'Rudy' type story (referring to the 1993 movie about the college practice squad football player who makes his way onto the Notre Dame football team) – "I'm New Jersey's 'Rudy' - and the dream lives on!”


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