9 Things People Want to See Change in Freehold

An end to jaywalking, pothole repair and a monorail make the list.

On Tuesday we asked Freehold Patch Facebook readers to comment on "It's a new year, and a chance for improvements. What changes do you want to see in town?" 

Here is what they said: 

  • Not a one way street on Elm Street. A light at the corner of Pond and East Freehold roads. That intersection is terrible!
  • A monorail!
  • Teach people how to use the crosswalks! I'm tired of people- many times with CHILDREN- jaywalk all over the place especially downtown. Post bilingual signs if necessary, it's dangerous walking into traffic.
  • One-way on Conover speeding is nuts and it's too busy with lots of kids playing. The safety for the kids is top of the list I hope.
  • I agree 110% with the jaywalking! It's so bad!!
  • I thought jaywalking was, in the past, worthy of a ticket? Maybe if people got tickets again they'd think twice. If it's the law to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks then lose the double standard. A lot of car vs. pedestrian incidents here (and everywhere) are due to jaywalking, whether it's night or day. If you're jaywalking across Main Street from the parking lot at town hall to get to Metro Cafe a few seconds sooner, DO NOT give me a dirty look or start screaming at me because I have to stand on my brakes at the last second when you pop out from between parked cars. I grew up in Morristown where it's even worse.
  • More restaurants and a Shop Rite makeover!!
  • All of the huge potholes on 33 West towards Manalapan before we all need our front ends replaced!
  • Both sides of Route 33
  • I agree with [jaywalking post.] Something has to be done. And the thing is the people just walk across without looking or stopping for cars.

What is on your wish list? Post in the comment box below. 
Joan Betancourt January 09, 2014 at 03:34 PM
Post cops on Main Street to stop the jaywalking. Give out warnings and then tickets. Ticket cars that do not stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk on all streets. Cars stop for pedestrians in Red Bank and Woodbridge. Why not here?


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