UPDATE: March Madness in the Borough

The second annual March Madness Tournament will take place on Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31.

Forget Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas, and Ohio State. Another March Madness Tournament is taking place right here in the Borough with four local organizations battling it out for bragging rights and to fundraise for a local cause.

Following last year’s success, the second annual March Madness Tournament will take place at the on Friday, March 30 and finish up on Saturday, March 31. The tournament is also a way for last year’s teams to seek redemption.

 “The same four teams that competed last year will be playing again this year,” explained Councilman Kevin Kane. “Last year the Freehold Borough YMCA won the tournament.”

The four teams competing this weekend include the Team (dressed in purple) the . team (dressed in grey), Lomurro Law Firm team (dressed in orange) and the team (dressed in black). Each team has a maximum of 15 players that are 21 years-old or older.  

Competitiveness aside, money raised through teams and at the tournament will go towards the Freehold World Changers Project. The World Changers Project will send adults and children to Freehold for one week in the summer. During that time, workers will help make repairs to resident’s homes that physically can not do the work or do not have the funds to make the repairs on their own. More information about the World Changers Project can be found by clicking here.

During the tournament, each game will have 20 minute halves, with the clock stopping for normal play within the last two minutes of each half. Two games will kick off the tournament tonight, followed by games starting on Saturday, March 31 at 11 a.m. Currently, the Championship game is scheduled to take place at 4 p.m. on Saturday. The winner of the tournament will be presented with the Mayor’s Trophy after the Championship game. The complete tournament schedule can be seen below.

Date      Time              Teams
3/30     6:30      F.B.P.D. vs. Y.M.C.A.
3/30     7:45      Lomurro vs. Boro Hall
3/31     11:00    F.B.P.D. vs. Lomurro
3/31     12:15     Y.M.C.A. vs. Boro Hall
3/31     1:30      F.B.P.D. vs. Boro Hall
3/31     2:45      Y.M.C.A. vs. Lomurro
3/31     4:00         CHAMPIONSHIP

Marc LeVine March 28, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Don't let the empty stands fool you. The game was televised on CBS and all of the bars on Main Street were packed. LOL!


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