Local Author Spans Genres with Fourth Novel

Freehold Township resident and Deputy Mayor, David Salkin recently released his fourth novel titled “Forever Hungry” as an ebook on amazon.com.

Readers have a lot of choices today. Between the internet and the massive display cases at book stores, readers can easily become overwhelmed and stay within their comfort genres or at the new releases table of any Barns and Noble. But for those readers that have an interest in reading across genres like crime thrillers, vampire romances, horror, and urban fantasy, David Salkin’s newest novel, Forever Hunger is exactly what your looking for.

Salkin began writing in 2005. After completing his first novel, and realizing the ability to write 300 pages or more, Salkin continued to write multiple stories including a work titled Hard Carbon. Hoping to get Hard Carbon published; Salkin began the daunting task of sending out his novel to publishers.

“It [Hard Carbon] eventually made its way to Penguin, after about one thousand rejections. Penguin saw it and said ‘hey, great story, great author, like everything but I don’t have a slot for this kind of book – do you have anything in the military?’ I had written Crescent Fire, which was an espionage thriller, but I gave it to them to look at. They liked it and they took it and asked me if I had a sequel, I didn’t but I lied and said I was working on one,” recalled Salkin.

After feverishly working to write an outline and a few sample chapters for the sequel, Penguin decided to publish both Crescent Fire and its sequel, Necessary Extremes.

“That was a cross between being really excited and really frustrated. For years, no one would even look at my stuff and then once you’re in the club, they’re like ‘okay we will take that one too,’’ said Salkin. “I kept shaking my head and saying how come now it is easy but before it was impossible.”

Learning the rules of the book industry, Salkin began to realize that even after you are published, without a large contract and a literary agent, getting your books into bookstores is near impossible - causing Necessary Extremes to barely make it into stores.

In an effort to make sure his readers did not forget about him, Salkin self published his third novel The Mop as a regular paperback.

Although Forever Hunger is Salkin’s fourth novel, it marks a lot of first in Salkin’s career. After all the difficulties Salkin has had with getting a publishing house to back his work, Salkin turned to Amazon.com. As an experiment he decided to publish Forever Hunger as an Ebook and then self publish it as a paperback in the next month or two by printing it on demand.

Another first for Salkin with Forever Hunger is the type of story it is.

Forever Hunger doesn’t fit neatly into any genre. It is part thriller, part vampire romance, it’s an urban fantasy, and it’s a horror story. It is all things and not just one and unfortunately without fitting neatly into one of those genres, Penguin wasn’t interested in it even though it was a good book.”

Forever Hunger invites readers to follow FBI agents as they attempt to uncover a man that’s been killing and eating women since 1806. The timeline the police and FBI have does not make any sense, unless investigators are willing to look into the possibility of a killer that is not human. Taking place in present-day New York City, Forever Hunger also follows, Prussian solider, Adam through his transformation into a monster. Although violent, Adam must try to feed and not get caught by the police while dealing with an “almost human emotion” he has developed for a woman named Sara.

“Out of all the stories I have written, Forever Hunger was the most fun to write because when you’re making up a mythical being, there are no rules, you can do whatever you want. Only research I had to do was on the history of Neapolitan-ic era warfare and the battle of Jena,” explained Salkin.

Forever Hunger hit Amazon.com as an ebook on Jan. 10. and was greeted with much success. After being online for a little more than two weeks, it has received multiple outstanding reviews and is currently rated at 4.5 stars out of 5.

“I’ve been tickled so far. I am staying at 4.5 stars and I’m very happy about that. One of the reviews said that I’ve invented my own genre, and when I read that I was grinning from ear to ear,” said Salkin.

The first few chapters and more information on Forever Hunger can be viewed online at this link. It can also be instantly downloaded to any reader by clicking "buy with one click" after viewing the begining of the novel on that above link.

To learn more about David Salkin and his other novels, visit his webpage at davidmsalkin.com


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