Repairs to Silence Brookdale Public Radio

Listeners of 90.5 The Night, Brookdale's public radio station, can still get their music over the Web.

People of Monmouth County, do not attempt to adjust your radio communication device. It's not an emergency. Your favorite station is just taking a break from the air waves for its annual check up.

At approximately 2 p.m. on Wednesday, will go off the air to allow for regular tower maintenence.

Station Manager Tom Brennan said maintenence is usually done this time of year to preempt any equipment problems due to exposure on the high tower.

"The electronics don't really like the weather you don't see on the ground," he said.

During this time the station will not be able to broadcast its signal over the air, but will still stream its programming on its Web site.

Station officials say that they expect the repairs to take no more than an hour. "When the repairs are complete we will be back on the air bringing you the music you love," a station new release said.

During this off air time, Altrok (HD2) and Brookdale Student Radio (HD3) will be off the air as well. You can also listen to them online here.

Brookdale public radio is located on the campus of , in the Lincroft section of .


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