10 Reasons Why Parents 'Wave Off' The School Bus

Ever wonder why some parents are fortunate enough to have bus service, but prefer to drive the kids to school anyway? Here are some responses to that question posted on Patch Facebook pages Thursday. 

Mostly because it seems crazy for them to be on the bus for 45 minutes to go 1/2 mile! -- Karen Dworkin Salerno on Holmdel-Hazlet Patch Facebook Page

We drive our middle school aged child because of where the bus stop is on Texas Road it is too dangerous. No sidewalks anywhere, no crossing guards, no protection from traffic of any kind. -- Kim Cole, on Matawan-Aberdeen Patch Facebook Page

Just because. -- Jacqueline Paton Kruzik on Matawan-Aberdeen Patch Facebook Page

My children's elementary bus ride took 45 minutes vs a two minute car ride. -- Debbie Slook, Middletown-NJ Patch Facebook Page 
My daughter gets motion sickness on the bus. -- Cherie Silvers Baker, Middletown-NJ Patch Facebook Page

Too crowded on the bus -- Charmaine Hueston, Middletown-NJ Patch Facebook Page

Like knowing he got there ok. Does the playground after school.  -- Mary Ann Nolan, Middletown-NJ Patch Facebook Page

Busses breed bullying -- Erin Murphy Casey, Manalapan Patch Facebook Page
Will be driving for the first time this year we live across the street from the school and my daughter will be picked up 30 minutes before school starts that's ridiculous. -- Sue Ann Rogers Robertson, Manalapan Patch Facebook Page

Well yesterday I had no choice since the bus for freshman orientation never showed up! -- Lorellyn Haydu, Howell Patch Facebook Page 



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