Business Advice from a Local Pro

Whether you are looking for a career change, trying to get back into a field or trying to get into a field for the first time, Michael Tal Sharon has business tips you can use.

Michael Tal Sharon has an interesting view on the job market. As the creator of TSE Worldwide, a recruiting agency in the Bio-tech field, the Freehold resident works for companies of all sizes and searches for candidates that fulfill each company's needs.

Working like a “middle-man” between employers and potential employees, Sharon is able to offer a unique look into the world of employment. Below are some of his tips on how to get back into the job market or into it for the first time.

When it comes to getting into the job market, Sharon understands how overwhelming the process can be when job searching leads to an online application.

Applying to a Position

Tip #1: Find someone who actually makes job hiring decisions and reach out to them.

“People are being told to apply online for positions, but all that really does is funnel an amazing amount of people in an online application,” explained Sharon. “Find a way to do the best you can networking as opposed to just applying online. Do a lot of research and find out who the human resource person is.”

According to Sharon, once you find out who the person that makes decisions is, send them a personal note asking if you can send them your resume. Once you do that, you have established a personal connection and a conversation which can help you stand out in a stack of applications.

The Interview Process.

Tip #2: Always be confident and positive when speaking to a potential employer.

“A real challenge I see as a recruiter is I see people that have become so discouraged, so pessimistic, that it sneaks into the interview. As a recruiter, the last thing I want to do is send a candidate who has a medium-strong negative outlook into a company.”

Sharon suggests that even if you are feeling negative and pessimistic about applying to a job; mask those feelings before going on an interview. A positive attitude is needed when interviewing.

Also in the interview remember: Tip #3: The interview is not about what the company can do for you.

“Companies want to know what a candidate can bring to the table to better the company, not what a company can do for a candidate’s career.”

Be careful how you phrase your answers and be sure your responses include how you would help the company, instead of how the company will help you.

Patience After the Interview

Tip #4: Don’t be over aggressive.

“Once you are done with the interview, don’t be over aggressive. Definitely send a ‘thank you’ note, it doesn’t have to be something all that elegant, but a follow up email should be written. You don’t have to go beyond that, at that point just wait and see how things play out.”

This step comes from Sharon’s work experience with companies. He explained that when a company is looking to fill a specific spot, there are usually a lot of applications that need to be gone through. Sharon suggests patients during this process. Wait to hear from the company instead of constantly calling them to check on your status.

Do you have specific job search question you would like to have answered? Leave your job search question in the comment section below and Sharon will provide an answer in the local voice section of Freehold Patch.


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