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Freehold Resident Behind Popular Asbury Park Bakery

Kimmee Masi of Freehold opened Confections of a Rock$tar in August 2012.

A Freehold resident has combined two of her greatest passions to create a one of a kind business with attitude.

Confections of a Rock$tar is one of Asbury Park’s newest bakeries. Opening in August of 2012, Kimmee Masi, owner and baker, has brought her rock star style to the baking world with original creations that follow the business’ rock and roll theme.

Masi’s passion for music and baking both stem from her childhood.

“I started baking when I was a kid and it has always been a consent in my life. My dad had two bakeries and I spent a lot of my time there,” said Masi. “I started playing the drums when I was four. My dad went out and bought a drum set without telling my mom and that is kind of how my love of music started on Christmas morning.” 

Despite her life long love of baking and music, Masi is new to the business world.

“I always did cakes for my family and friends and then I started doing them for people that I didn’t know. I was making them out of a commercial kitchen and that was when I decided that it was time. My dreams of becoming a famous rock star, you never know – it may still happen, but it was really time for me to open this business,” explained Masi.

Confections of a Rock$tar is a bakery that focuses on desert instead of breads and rolls, but, cakes are not the only treats found there.

From cookies, to cakes, to cupcakes, to cake pops to the bakery’s original creation – cake shots, Confections of a Rock$tar puts it’s creative spin on all of their desserts in both the name of the treat and the way it is made.

“I was told that my process is backwards because basically I come up with the names of the product and then matched the recipes to the name of the item, but ya know what, it has worked for me.”

One of the bakery’s newest creations is a cupcake named “Toasted”, which is a coconut cake topped with a coconut buttercream and sprinkled with toasted coconut. Another new creation, is the previously mentioned cake shots, which are mini cakes, baked inside of a two oz. shot glass with liquor (used only as flavoring the alcohol bakes off), like cake vodka or amaretto, and layered with filling and cake. Cake shots also come in kid friendly flavors, with no liquor, like peanut butter and jelly and chocolate cake.

Aside from the new products, the store always has classics like “Red Carpet” a red velvet cake topped with creamcheese icing and “S’more than a Feeling” a chocolate chip graham cracker cupcake topped with marshmallow frosting.

“People come in here because they don’t want to see the same kind of stuff,” said Masi. “We are considered a specialty shop, we are constantly trying to change things while keeping our staples. I just don’t know where I am going to put anything else, we keep coming up with these great ideas and I am running out of room.”

In addition to daily desserts, Masi and her staff also create custom specialty cakes. Because of her cake’s originality, Confections of a Rock$tar has created custom desserts for many reality TV stars including, Snookie and Deena from the Jersey Shore, Big Ang from Mob Wives and for the Housewives of New Jersey.

Despite her success, Masi still has big plans for the future and hopes to start making custom cakes for musicians in addition to reality television stars. 

Over the next ten years, Masi hopes to open seven more locations of Confection of a Rock$tar in music towns all over the country. 

To learn more about Masi and Confections of a Rock$star visit the bakery's website at www.coarock.com which features her music, set list (menu), and pictures of the bakery’s custom cakes. Also be sure to 'like' Confections of a Rock$tar on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the bakery and all of its delicious confections.

lucy Bear January 25, 2013 at 08:49 PM
No credit to Gordon Ramsey for putting the bakery on the road to success?
Lisa January 26, 2013 at 02:09 PM
Bobby Flay was the celeb chef who taped a show at Confections of a Rock Star. And no, Flay is not the sole reason for Masi's success. She is. Her concept, her vision and her talent is what inspired his and his production company's interest out of hundreds of others.


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