Freehold Woman Builds Beauty Business From Home

Fran Vaina left the corporate world behind, building a business on her own schedule as an Independent Director for BeautiControl.

With a poor job market, high un-employment rate and bills piling up on every kitchen table across the United States, women are building businesses selling a variety of beauty products right out of their own homes.

Fran Vaina, 33, of , is one of those entrepreneurial women. 

“That is the great thing about this because it is economy proof,” said Vaina. “Women are always going to spend money on face and beauty products.”

Vaina worked for a corporate company in New York City for over 12 years. She was trying to balance being a mom of 3 young children, commuting into the city and working full-time when she was laid-off two years ago. This is when BeautiControl became an important part of her life.

BeautiControl is a beauty company that specializes in spa treatments, personalized skin care and advanced Anti-aging products through a unique at-home spa experience. With more than 140,000 Independent Consultants, the company is allowing women in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada the opportunity to build an at-home career as big or small as fits their lifestyle.

“I was relieved that I could focus on being a mom, but I really wanted some form of my own income,” explained Vaina. “In our society, women feel the need to do it all.”

Vaina had been using the products for a couple months when one of her friends suggested she start working for the company. Two years later, she has worked her way up the BeautiControl chain and is an Independent Director with 8 women on her team.

“I can’t explain what it has done for my life,” said Vaina. “I am a small business owner, but I never say I have to work. It’s not work. I am hanging out with women having a great time.”

Vaina’s “job” is to spread awareness about the BeautiControl brand and their products. She “works” by attending spa parties hosted by women in her networking group.

“What it is really all about is pampering women,” said Vaina. “I bring the spa to your home.”

At every spa, Vaina treats the guests to the following experiences:

  • Relaxation music
  • Heated Neck Wraps
  • Hand Treatment
  • Busy Woman’s Facial
  • Lip Treatment
  • Foot Treatment
  • Meditation with Cucumber Eye Pads

“Regardless if you buy anything at the end of the night, you still get to chill out and enjoy those treatments,” explains Vaina.

Vaina says she loves what she does because she gets to help people relax and feel more beautiful.

“We are maternal by nature, so we are always taking care of others,” said Vaina. “Hosting a spa is an opportunity to remind women to take better care of themselves.”

If you are interested in booking a spa or learning more about opportunities with Beauticontrol, contact Vaina at spawithfran@yahoo.com.

njt07728 June 28, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Danielle vallaro June 29, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Great article! You couldn't have said it better.
DAEBJ June 29, 2012 at 09:11 PM
As a homemaker and mom of 2 small kids although i applaud you for your achievements, some women, don't feel the need to do it all.


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