Photo Find: Which Freehold Business is Home to this Friendly Face?

Tell us in the comments where this little fella lives.

This friendly face represents a business in Freehold. His job is to simply welcome patrons and put a smile on their face as they enter the place.

Do you know where funky fella lies?

If you have been to the business that this figure represents and know where this photo is from, tell us in comments. Bonus points if you can tell us some history or interesting information about the business it represents.

Answer to Photo Find 4/22

was the roof of the Wow Fitness Center in Freehold. 

Ten Patch readers got the answer correct.

shared an interesting story about this former movie theater in the comments section.

"It was once an independent theater before being renovated to a gym. As a movie theater, it featured three screens. The last movie I saw there was 'Shakespeare in Love', which certainly dates me!" he said. "To this day, the interior space of the gym is divided into three large spaces, reflecting its movie house past. The projection areas are now a cardio deck, the spin studio, and the womens' section, all on the second floor."

Thank you to all who submitted answers!

Think you can stump your fellow Freehold residents? Upload a Photo Find picture to this story or email it to Freehold Patch Local Editor Noel Aliseo at noel.aliseo@patch.com.

Richard Berger May 14, 2012 at 03:44 AM
Court Jester, here is a fun fact, they have RC Cola on tap!!!! Thats a reason in itself to go there!
Team Sheen May 14, 2012 at 12:06 PM
They also make their own potatoes chips - Court Jester!


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