Shop Resale at One Green Shoe's Grand Opening

One of the largest resale shops in New Jersey, One Green Shoe is providing their customers with great savings during their Grand Opening Sale.

With a full inventory of jeans, purses, shoes, sweaters, jewelry and more, welcomes shoppers into their store this week for their Official Grand Opening Sale. 

One Green Shoe is not your typical re-sale store. Not only do they have a very large inventory thanks to their generous customers, but they also give back to the community with each purchase made at the store. 

Store owner Gail Lee has set up four charity banks in her store for customers to donate to. “Every purchase that a customer makes we take a portion of the purchase out of our money and give that back to the customer to put into the charities we have selected,” said Lee.  

Poker looking chips are given to each customer after a purchase. The customers then get to decide how much of their purchase they want to donate to each charity. The charities are changed out throughout the year and were selected based on their low administrative costs, giving all charities a chance to earn more money. 

The Grand Opening Sale for One Green Shoe started on Nov. 26, and will run until Dec. 3, 2011. On Dec. 3, Lee and her husband/co-owner, Richard, are throwing a party for all of their customers. The celebration will include food, door prizes and music. Local stores are also getting in on the action by giving away coupons for their services. 

“We have had the most wonderful response and the best customers. I don’t think we had one customer that wasn’t generous, nice and agreeable. It was just a wonderful experience and we want to share our excitement and appreciation for our customers,” Lee said. “This is one of the biggest resale stores in New Jersey. If you love to buy consignment and resale you really need to check this out. And if you are concerned with the environment this is something you should consider in your first steps in protecting the environment.” 

With help from her husband, employees, and customers, One Green Shoe is ready to provide people with beautiful, gently used clothes at a fraction of the price in stores. The store is currently over-stocked with all types of brands, accessories and clothing, but will be continuously restocking as items disappear from their shelves.

More information about One Green Shoe can be found on their website.   

Gail Lee January 02, 2012 at 09:21 PM
One Green Shoe has racks of 50% off items. And coats and outerwear are 35% off. You can't imagine the deals people are getting!
Alice Lombardo January 09, 2012 at 02:18 AM
I live in Brooklyn and was interested to know if I can shop online. Thank You , Alice Lombardo
deysi velazquez November 20, 2012 at 03:36 AM
I whath to now the address I'm interested thanks


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