Where to Go in the Points for Clothes, Supplies and More

UPDATE: Central United Methodist Moves Location, Continues to Serve

Here are a few of the local places distributing clothing, nonperishable food and other items to those impacted by Sandy.

Please note that Brave New World, Point Beach High School and the Point Borough relief station, which is moving to the old Tally's car showroom site on Bridge Avenue Monday morning, are not accepting clothing donations.

Local places include:

  • UPDATE: Central United Methodist Church, 729 Arnold Ave., is moving distribution to its office building just west across the parking lot from the church building. "There is still lots of food, water, flood buckets and some clothing," said Donald Stevens. "So far we have fed at least 100 families and restocked St. Gregory's food pantry." The church has been distributing food, water, toiletries, cleaning supplies and flood clean-up buckets for days. It will be open tomorrow (Tues.) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Brave New World, Route 35 South and Washington Avenue, Point Beach, starting at 10 am Monday and continuing all week, is asking for donations of candles, matches, non-perishable food, including snacks, personal care items, cleaning products, laundry detergent and paper products, according to Phyllis Nagy. The only clothing Brave will accept are new socks and new underwear.
  • "St. Paul's Church, Lake Avenue, Bay Head is the new feeding center, 7 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week," Nagy said.
  • Harvey’s Closet Thrift Shop in Point Pleasant will be open every day this week (Mon 11/5-Fri 11/9) from 9 am to noon. Anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy who needs clothing, as well as representatives from organizations/shelters needing clothing, are invited to visit the Harvey’s Closet and obtain clothing free of charge. Harvey’s Closet Thrift Shop is in the basement of Harvey Memorial United Methodist Church, 1120 Arnold Ave., Point Pleasant. They will no longer take donations of clothes. For more information, call (732) 892-1660 between 9 am and noon.
  • Anyone in need can go to the Point Pleasant Beach High School gym for clothing, shoes, jackets, bedding, sheets, towels, toys and purses from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. No more donations are being accepted. School will be closed Monday and Tuesday, with the schedule after that to be determined.

Peg Born, a Point Beach resident, said in an email: "The community came out today to follow through on a fabulous idea from Joanna Douglas, a fourth grade Teacher at G. Harold Antrim Elementary School. Within an hour, the gym was filled to capacity with bags of clothing and other items.

"About 60 volunteers worked to sort and separate items so as to make it easier for those to pick up what could help them. We are urging families who need clothing and shoes, etc., to take advantage of this clothing drive."

  • Point Borough's relief station is moving to the old Tally car dealership site on Bridge Avenue, Point Borough, Monday morning. For more information on that, click here. They need volunteers for the move tomorrow and beyond.
  • Also, Savvy Hair Loft will give famiiles in need complimentary "shampoo and blow outs" starting 10 a.m. Tuesday and also provide an area for any stylists who have been displaced due to the storm so that they can continue to work. The salon is on the second floor of 710 Arnold Ave. and can be reached at (732) 295-0500.
  • The Durand Masonic Temple, 911 Richmond Ave. (Route 35) and the corner of New Jersey Avenue, Point Beach, (732) 245-­7187, is organizing volunteers to help residents clean out flooded homes. A few residents have already written to Patch about how much the volunteers helped them.
  • The Point Boro First Aid Squad is feeding the National Guard, volunteers and families in need daily. They need cash donations and donations of thick work socks. They cannot accept donations of clothing, but can accept food donations. A phone call in advance is appreciated so they can plan for how to best use and store food. The squad need volunteers to help with food preparation, cooking, dish washing and cleaning rigs. The headquarters is at 1200 Beaver Dam Rd., Point Borough, next to the firehouse, (732) 899-4357.

Editor's Note: In this time of crisis, I have received countless emails and Facebook messages from readers near and far asking me about particular people who they cannot reach, particular houses they are worried about, where to donate items, where to get items and where to volunteer. While I've been able to respond to some of these requests, and was able to help a few people find each other, I apologize, but I have not been able to answer all of these messages. There were many questions about properties in Bay Head and Mantoloking which were entirely blocked off by police for safety reasons.

I also apologize if the story does not contain a complete list of places to donate and pick up items. It's been challenging trying to keep up with all of it.

If you do have another place distributing items, please include that information in Comments, along with whether you are accepting clothing donations. A lot of residents are asking me where they can donate clothes as most sites are not accepting them.

If you have questions or information about particular people, homes, where and how people can volunteer, where to donate and where to pick up items, please also include that information in the Comments section, with my hope that the information will be shared widely and readers can help provide answers for each other, a process that has already started here and on our Point Pleasant Patch Facebook page.

And, as we remain aware that so many people have lost homes, businesses, cars and, in some cases, family photographs and other personal mementos that can never be replaced, let's make sure our Comments are polite, respectful and constructive. Those that are not will be deleted. Those who persist will be suspended. This is a time to be respectful and work together to help give people their lives back.

Leonora November 05, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Hi Denise, I spoke with the Pt. Boro First Aid Squad today and they said they are looking for prepared, hot meals. We delivered 4 trays of homemade rice & beans tonight and they were greatly appreciative! It is easy for me to prepare food at home like this and drop off at nearby places - do you know if the Church in Bay Head is in need of this or are they preparing their own food there? I am in the Boro so I can easily drop off at local places to feed families & workers.
Denise Di Stephan November 05, 2012 at 10:25 PM
When you say "the church in Bay Head," are you referring to St. Paul's which is mentioned in story? I would ask them, or whichever church you are referring to, if they want donations of food, I do not know.
N D November 05, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Is there a place to look online to see which areas were flooded/damaged badly? Have family with a house on the end of Bay Blvd have not heard from since the day it hit and am very worried. Am on the other side of the country, not familiar with the area. Thanks.
Linda Squirrell McIntyre November 06, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Is there anywhere part time residents can go to find out how to offer assistance to our neighbors in need? Doesn't necessarily have to be monetary if there is a designated location to send supplies of any type? God Bless! xo Linda
Jess November 06, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Is there any place that we can actually mail supplies that are needed? Say from Amazon or any other website with items such as socks, flashlights, trash bags, hygiene products, diapers, blankets, etc?


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