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Freehold Starts to Get Back to Normal After Hurricane Sandy

Tell us how getting back into your normal day-to-day routine is going.

Freehold residents have been through a lot in the past two weeks, but it looks like normalcy is starting to come back to town as the lights come on and children head back into the classroom.

For the first time in weeks, JCP&L’s outage map shows minimal outages in Freehold with all of Freehold Borough restored and less than five outages currently reported in Freehold Township.

Freehold students are also getting back into the swing of things by heading back to the classroom for their first full week of classes in November. During Hurricane Sandy, all students in Freehold were forced to miss seven days of school due to lack of power and down wires and trees. Freehold Borough students saw some class time last week with a half day on Wednesday and full day on Friday. However, Freehold Township students and students in the Freehold Regional High School District (FRHSD) are stepping into the classroom today for the first time in two weeks.

Tell us in our comment section below how getting back into your normal Monday routine is going for you now that some normalcy has retuned to Freehold.

diana hartman November 12, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Right now I am watching tv to catch up on all the latest news. During the past 2 weeks, I only had cable tv service for 2 days--and that was last week. My cable service was restored yesterday just before 4:30 pm. I was without electric service for 42 hours following the hurricane, and 20 hours following the Nor'easter. I was lucky in that respect. I have already gotten rid of milk, meat and cheese items from my refrigerator. The neighborhood cats, dogs and opossums enjoyed eating the food. I was heartbroken over the damages done to my garden equipment, trees and shrubs that were destroyed by falling trees. It will take me awhile to do the cleanup. I have become a little paranoid following these storms. I will no longer take a shower at night, and I now carry a flashlight with me at all times after it gets dark just in case the electricity goes out again. Following the storms, I kept my usual routine of making sure my 8 platform bird feeders were filled with sunflower seeds. Somehow the birds survived the storms and readily returned. However they are hungrier than before and I now have to replenish the seeds several times a day. I have found much comfort in tending to my 3 containers of pitcher plants. They are so beautiful to look at among all the fallen trees and branches on my property.
jean November 12, 2012 at 05:50 PM
LOL about keeping the flashlight handy. I am struggling with my fear of buying frozen food.
Joseph W. November 12, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Huricane Sandy and the 13 inches of snow the following week were more of an inconvenience for me, rather than a hardship. My gas stovetop worked with a match, and to my complete surprise the gas hot water heater continued to function when the power went off. So for the five days without electricity, I at least had hot meals and hot showers. In preparation for Hurricane Irene in 2011, I purchased a top quality battery operated radio. Didn't need it then, but surely did with Sandy. New Jersey radio 101.5 fm and WCBS 880 am kept me informed with what was happening in the rest of the world beyond my front door. And in the cold evenings my living room fireplace kept that room at about 64 to 65 degrees. Gas for my car was no issue as I had filled up two days before the storm hit. My employers were closed for an entire week, so commuting was unnecessary. The worst effect of the storm? Losing a week's worth of work time at one job, and so far two weeks at another. Wells Fargo bank has been great about waiving late payment fees. Chase most definitely has not, the cheap %$^@&#!


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