Send Us Your Freehold Snowstorm Photos

Freehold was hit with two historic storms in less than two weeks--show us your photo proof.

As if New Jersey hadn't gone through enough with Hurricane Sandy, snowstorm Athena reared her ugly head and dropped 13 inches of snow on Freehold.

Downed wires, increased power outages, trees everywhere. And since many of us are stuck in our homes, we may as well become amateur photographers.

  • Upload your snow photos by clicking "upload photos and videos" under the gallery. 
  • Once uploaded, make sure you click it again and caption it so we know what we're looking at!

Scott Hall November 10, 2012 at 02:46 AM
This really sucked and was scary. Tree limbs snapping and breaking all night. Another sleepless night and more checks to write for damage. Hope this over for a while. This 2 weeks will never be forgotten.


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