‘Stratford Wives' and 'Grilling Team’ Care for Freehold Police and Fire

A neighborhood has come together to keep Freehold Township police officers and firefighters well fed during Hurricane Sandy.

For over a week, Freehold police officers and firefighters have been working around-the-clock to keep residents safe during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. According to the officers, their stamina during the storm has come from hot delicious meals from a local neighborhood.

While residents of Stratford Drive dealt with the hardships all Freehold residents have faced lately, instead of dwelling on the fact that their power went out, they took to their freezers, grills, and cookbooks, and began preparing hot meals for all of the officers working to protect Township residents.

The women behind the recipes have been nicknamed the “Stratford Wives” and the men behind the grill have been named “The Grilling Team”. Together, the “Stratford Wives” and “The Grilling Team” have prepared 90 hot meals a day for over a week.

“Our neighbors on Stratford Drive have come together to support us and feed us incredibly good delicious food despite having limited resources,” said Robert Brightman, Acting Chief of Freehold Township Police.

According to Brightman, some of the food made by the “Stratford Wives “and “The Grilling Team” was donated from Sam’s Club and other meals came from whatever was thawing out in resident’s freezers.

“All of the meals made were well balanced. We have had everything from chicken, to pasta, to vegetables and deserts. Plus there is always cold beverages, water and coffee to keep all officers awake and hydrated,” he said.

Freehold Township officers explained how the hot meals from the “Stratford Wives” and “The Grilling Team” have helped them get through their 12-hour shifts.

“Those hot meals really keep us going when we are working,” said Patrolman Rich Leidy. “When the storm first hit we were working 16-18 hours a day, now we are down to working 12-hour shifts and it is a lot easier to stand on a highway or in front of a gas station directing drivers for those long hours when you have had a hot meal.”

When asked what the favorite meal served by the “Stratford Wives” and “The Grilling Team” was one Patrolman explained it was steak.

“The black Angus steak was my favorite,” said Patrolman Bill Peace. “But really everything made was delicious.”


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