The Patch App Is Here!

Check out the new iPhone application and all the cool features.

This week, Patch released our long-awaited iPhone App, meaning you can now access Freehold Patch at the touch of your fingertips.

There are two ways to download this app. You can click here and download it directly to your computer, then sync your device with Apple's iTunes to load it on the device.

The other way to do it is by logging onto the App Store through your iPhone and do a search for Patch. The Patch App is free to download and once launched, you can choose the name of the Patch that you would like to be dialed into.

The app stays on your iPhone's smart window and you can access the Patch whenever you want without having to open a web browser. This new innovation is brought to you by our engineers at Patch and we hope that it will make it easier for you to log on and get the latest news in your hometown.

More about the App:

  • The Front 5 lets you quickly access the most relevant stories of the day
  • The weather report and forecast
  • Community news, photos, and videos
  • Events happening near you
  • Area business listings, including:

-Arts & Entertainment
-Community Resources
-Food & Dining
-Local Government
-Real Estate
-Services (e.g. Salons, Plumbers, Day Care)
-Sports & Fitness
-Travel & Transportation


  • Your voice, by commenting on a story
  • Your photos, by uploading them to stories and business listings
  • Your favorite stories and business listings, by sharing them on Facebook or via e-mail
  • Your feedback about the app, by sending it directly to our team


  • Events to your iPhone’s calendar in seconds
  • Your favorite stories, business listings and events for easy access


When is the iPhone app launch date?

It will become available for free download in the App Store starting April 14.

What is the link to the app in the App Store?

Click here to download it for free.

What is The Front 5?

The Front 5 is the first page to greet you on the iPhone app and contains the most relevant local news, events, and editor tweets.

What is the Favorites feature?

We have baked in a feature that lets users cache any Patch content for offline viewing (in airports, subways, etc.). It’s a pretty neat interface!

When will the app come out on Android?



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