To Go Out for New Years or To Stay In for New Years...That is the Question.

A list of positives, and negatives, for celebrating the New Year out on the town versus ringing in the New Year on the couch in sweatpants.

In theory, the idea of going out for New Years sounds exciting and fun, but is the hype of New Years all its cracked up to be? Here is a list of pros and cons that can help put the last night of the year into prospective. 

Going Out: Pros

  • Change of scenery - after celebrating the holidays at home with family, going out to a new place can provide an uplifting experience.
  • Opportunity to get dressed up in NYE attire - NYE outfits are not your typical bar attire, so going out for NYE allows you to wear things you normally don't get the chance to.  
  • Celebrate with a lot of people - don't want/can't have a lot of people over at your place? Going out allows you to celebrate with people you do (and don't know) without having to clean up a big mess. 
  • Ringing in the New Year with a bang - a night out on the town is a great way to end a year and welcome in a new one. 

 Going Out: Cons

  • Need to find a place everyone agrees on - with so many places having deals for NYE, it can be hard to find a place all your friends want to go.
  • NYE attire is not always the warmest and most comfortable - For December, glittery dresses and high heels may be perfect for pictures but can easily become uncomfortable before the ball drops. 
  • Might be crowded and could be hard to get a drink - NYE deals usually draw big crowds so depending on where you go you may be packed with a lot more people than you care to celebrate with. 
  • Have to spend money - going out for NYE requires spending money on open bar/cash bar or even a buffet that you wouldn't have to spend if you decided to stay home. 

 Staying in: Pros

  • Save money - even if you are not drinking on NYE, there are charges that come along with the night (like a cover charge) if you decide to go out.   
  • Only around people you know - you will not have to deal with a crowded room of loud people you don't know if you stay home.
  • Baggy clothes acceptable - There is no dress code for your home, matching is even optional!
  • Don’t have to worry about getting home - feeling tired at 12:01 a.m.? No problem. 

Staying in: Cons

  • Can hang in on the couch any night - staying in on NYE is not any different than staying in on a Tuesday night. 
  • Not everyone will want to stay in with you - just because you do not want to go out for NYE does not mean that everyone is on the same page as you, and could result in you staying home alone. 
  • Hours leading up to midnight are boring so you might not stay awake till midnight - without any entertainment it is easy to miss ringing in the New Year. 
  • Could feel like your missing out - since most people go out on NYE and take a ton of pictures, staying in on NYE could make you feel like you missed out on a fun night with friends. 

With this list of pros and cons hopefully you will have an easier time deciding what to do this Saturday night.


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