Letter to the Editor: Primary Concerns

Judi Guy, an active Freehold community member, shares her thoughts on politics happening in the borough.

Jumping Ship?

A wise friend told me to “never discuss politics or religion with friends, family or foe. Most people are already set in their ways and it only creates tension and animosity.”

I guess I’m not as wise as my friend, because here I go diving into the dangerous world of politics. Although I’m now a Township resident, I have lived most of my life in the Borough. It’s where I still do a lot of volunteer work. It’s a great community and I try to stay current on what’s happening there.

Recently I learned that prominent Republicans in the Borough are jumping ship and joining the Democratic Party.  My first thoughts were, okay, they must have had some sort of epiphany that converted them to Democrats. I will admit the Democratic ticket of is very attractive to most voters. I’ve known both Sharon and Ron for years and they have great track records of working for decades for the Borough residents.

My second thought was, are they switching so they can attempt to control the other party’s primary race?  That sounds too much like the dirty tricks the Republicans used in Wisconsin. I don’t want to believe that would be happening in Freehold Borough.

I really don’t know their motivation. But I guess it is a coup for the Democrats. They have picked up both a Freehold Borough Republican Club officer and a former Freehold Borough Republican candidate for borough council. Both are now Democrats. I guess we’ll find out somewhere down the road why these two prominent former Republicans, along with several others, have apparently “seen the light.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow the advice of my wise friend and just keep my mouth shut. I hope the prediction of tension and animosity isn’t true.


Judi Guy


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