Marlboro Republicans Respond to Mazzola's Decision to Leave Party

Marlboro Republican Chairman Chris Dean issued the following statement:

The Marlboro Republican Party was saddened but not surprised to learn that Carol Mazzola has chosen to switch parties to run for re-election. It had become increasingly obvious that Carol had turned her back on her supporters and supported an administration which has given Marlboro residents skyrocketing property taxes and irresponsible spending.

If Carol supports an administration which has increased Marlboro’s debt to an all time high, pays legal fees in excess of $1 million per year (more than double what large towns like Middletown are paying), and has essentially looted our water authority by spending its surplus and loading it with $8 million in debt, then she does not represent the values of Republicans in Marlboro or anywhere.

The Marlboro Republican Party intends to field a competitive slate of council candidates this November who share Governor Christie’s fiscally conservative, reform agenda.

We will spend the next 10 months pointing out in detail the destructive policies and decisions the Hornik administration has pursued (and Carol Mazzola has agreed with). The choice will be stark and we believe Marlboro voters are ready to elect representatives who answer to the taxpayer, not political bosses, and who do what’s best for our town, not for themselves.

-Marlboro Republican Chairman Chris Dean

Chris Dean January 23, 2013 at 05:30 AM
Sara, my wife was elected to the school board position and appointed to a county VOLUNTEER position, both positions are without pay and without health and other benefits., the same goes for Ms. Gore and Mr. Marshall. Frank so your aid costs less than any other aid before it still doesn't take away from the fact she was a cronie given a paid position at the township during a hiring freeze. As to you Paul I am owner of my own companies and I not only provide my own benefits but benefits to my employees, and I do not plan on ever taking a job with the DMV. Since Sara brought up the Freeholders, who do NOT get benefits like our town counsel and mayor receive, why don't you and the others follow their example and pay for your own benefits?. I understand Scott Metzger is the only one who pays for his own benefits and I admire him for that. Frank I'm sure you can afford your own benefits being a lawyer and all. Also I find it funny that your friend Paul questions what we might be receiving but doesn't question you or the other counsel members. Sara instead of just saying my wife and the others volunteer and get nothing in return you choose to bash them. To correct you Sara I never said Carol Mazzola offered no substantive contribution to the republicans another poster named Rick did, I posted under my own name remember. BTW Sara your must be confusing me with your boss maybe, because I don't cuddle up with anyone but my spouse.
Josh Pollak January 23, 2013 at 07:15 PM
SALTS. Ms. Longobardi, My name is spelled Pollak. Pit-Bulls on parade? Prancing on parade would have had better alliteration. Any way, as I've explained to you, and your former running mates, many times, my opinions are formulated without any consulting from sitting Council Members or Mayor Hornik. If you are going to call me any breed of dog, please next time make it a Slovakian Rough-Haired Pointer; one specially trained in pointing out the lies and misrepresentations of fact you and Mr. Dean continually spew.
Josh Pollak January 23, 2013 at 07:23 PM
Are you leaving the legal costs alone, as you realized a substantial amount of legal costs is due to your habitual filing of bogus Ethics Complaints? Just in case anyone is wondering what I'm talking about, there was the debacle against Mr. Schlaflin. That's a good one as you dropped out of sight on that one for a failing pursuit for a Council Seat. Next you filed a complaint again Councilwoman Marder, which was also dismissed without merit only after you personally exhausted the Ethics Board Legal Budget. By the way, I'm only asking as you left out reference to legal costs as a separate category.
Sara peterson January 23, 2013 at 09:21 PM
Mr. Dean Once again you demonstrate your lack of understanding about municipal government operations. You have made statements about Council members receiving benefits in the past and you were WRONG. You are now making the same claims and you are once again WRONG. Do you see a pattern here? Did you even take the time to check out your facts or are you just taking the word of your cronies Knight and Materise. As was pointed out by Councilman Cantor, you should look to yourself as to why so many people have run, not walked away from the divisive petty political agenda that you and Ms. Gore have laid out. During the last election you and your Dean Team slate were roundly rejected. Nothing has changed. Your narrow Tea Party views were rejected then and now.
Michael Mirkin March 07, 2013 at 03:55 PM
I know that this is kind of late in the cycle but I just had to make a comment on your absurd statement on paid sick days. The township employees much like any employee in a private sector should not receive a sick day entitlement. If an employee gets sick he or she needs to call in and inform their immediate manager. Anything absence over two consecutive days should require a doctors validation for the absence. Longer absence should be treated as short term disabilities, etc. There should be no clear entitlement or even worse a bankable entitlement for sick days. If it works in the private sector then it should work in public sector as well. Maybe if the state democrats stop pandering to the core supporters the labor unions we would have a real change in this state and Marlboro!


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