NJ #1 Importer of Illegal Guns

Smith is up for re-election in Nov.
Smith is up for re-election in Nov.
CONGRESSMAN SMITH'S HOME STATE OF VIRGINIA IS WHERE MANY NJ ILLEGAL GUNS COME FROM.     Smith has not lived in NJ for over 30 years.  He is required to maintain a domicile in NJ to represent NJ as a Congressman.    His children were raised, educated and received IN STATE VA Tuition.   Tell Smith to be loyal to NJ and support Universal Background Checks.              A Voices of Courage profile from Virginia: "He was killed instantly. Over horn honking. By a stranger with a stolen gun...No issue was made over the stolen gun, because they conjectured that he could have, with little effort, bought it legally." New Jersey is the #1 importer of illegal guns in the USA. Virginia is the second most common source for those trafficked guns that devastate our cities, after Pennsylvania. We are all connected in this fight for Gun Sense.  NJ felons can't purchase guns in NJ so they go to states with weak laws.  UBC is important to NJ. 


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