County PD Asks Residents to Participate in Online Natural Disaster Survey

Monmouth County residents can now learn more about an all natural hazards-mitigation plan for the county and its 53 municipalities, and, complete an online citizen survey.

Monmouth County Police are looking to residents to update the all-natural hazards plan through an online survey.

The plan is funded through a grant program from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It outlines natural hazards specific to the Monmouth County area and a plan to deal with each one.

"The primary hazard in Monmouth County is flooding, but other potential hazards to be analyzed include drought, extreme cold, extreme heat, snow, ice, hail, windstorms Nor’Easters, Hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes, among others," according to a county news release.

The survey helps the Office of Emergency Management assess the needs of the county and create a more comprehensive program for disasters such as flooding. The online assessment is a 15 question survey.

The  survey and plan can be found on the Monmouth County Sheriff website.

Carolyn Ann October 19, 2012 at 05:24 PM
I got more than halfway thru this "questionnaire", & I find it hard to believe the "Monmouth County Police", which I don't think I ever heard of before this article, would be interested on how much money I might spend in order to protect my family, & what kind of home improvements I am willing to make to protect my family. It is one thing to ask residents if they are natural disaster ready, it is another thing entirely to ask about how much I should/would spend for protection. A bit sleezy, I think. So, before I go, I have a couple if my own questions. Exactly where are the "Monmouth County Police" located (not to be confused with the Police Academy)? On whose authority was this "Mitigation Questionairre" devised, & then offered to the public as a "Natural Disaster Survey"? People, read thru before you fill it out. It's a bit scheme-y to me.
Carolyn Ann October 19, 2012 at 05:50 PM
So, apparently the "Monmouth County Police Dept" is in fact the County Sheriff's Office. I did, indeed, go to the website listed, & read what is purported to be the county's interest in minimizing damage from future natural disasters, but wanting to know what the residents are willing to spend for protection against Mother Nature. I have lived around here long enough to see families ripped from their homes in order to make improvements to an area, & justifying it by calling it Eminent Domain. Pier Village was created this way, & the town reaps the rewards. Homes were bought with threats of Eminent Domain to build the Manasquan Reservior years ago. I still think this is hincky. Homes may be on the line...


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