Database of Criminal Convictions in New Jersey Available Online

The searchable database contains information on criminal convictions for all cases filed after 1994 in state Superior Court.

A searchable database of criminal convictions in New Jersey Superior Court is now available on the state Judiciary's website.

The Criminal Conviction Public Access system provides access to information for all cases filed after 1994. Users can search by name or docket number and find the charge for which the defendant was convicted. Hometowns and birth years of defendants, as well as their State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) numbers, helps reduce misidentifications. Expunged cases and cases that have not been resolved are not available through the system. 

“The addition of this online feature to the Judiciary’s website is part of a comprehensive plan to make more court information and records available to the public,”  Judge Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts, said in a release. 

“Online access to criminal conviction information is one of several convenient web-based public access systems that the Judiciary has made available in recent months. We are continuing to leverage our existing resources to provide more access, transparency, and more convenience to the public.” 

Visitors to the Judiciary website also can search the status of civil cases; search the attorney registration index, which allows users to determine whether an attorney is eligible to practice law in New Jersey; and search the judgment lien index, which allows users to determine if liens are filed against individuals. Click on "Online Resources" on the Judiciary website to access the databases. 


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