Dog Attack on Farm Animals Ends In Death of 2 Goats, 1 Sheep

The case is under investigation by Manalapan Police.

Buddy the Goat and Buttons the Ewe at Suburban Acres Farm in Manalapan were killed by two dogs on June 13, 2014. Photo Credit: Suburban Acres Farm. Both were killed by dogs on June 13. Photo credit: Adrienne Vento / Suburban Acres
Buddy the Goat and Buttons the Ewe at Suburban Acres Farm in Manalapan were killed by two dogs on June 13, 2014. Photo Credit: Suburban Acres Farm. Both were killed by dogs on June 13. Photo credit: Adrienne Vento / Suburban Acres

On June 13, under a full moon, two black dogs breached fences and killed three farm animals at farms on Millhurst Road (Route 527) in Manalapan. 

The dogs, described as Rottweilers by one farmer who saw them and scared them off, have not been caught, and the owner of the dogs has not been conclusively identified by police. 

"What happened that night on Friday the 13th was a very unusual situation, to my recollection," said Manalapan Health Officer David Richardson, who oversees animal control. "We haven’t had anything like that in 20-odd years. Hopefully that is it." 

It was sometime after 10 p.m. when James Thomson heard a commotion in a barn at his goat farm located on Millhurst Road, near Woodward Road and Tennent Road/Main Street. Thomson jumped off his tractor, leaving the gate open behind him. "There were two Rottweilers inside a barn barking at two goats inside. And I shined a light on the dogs and yelled at them off," he said. He believes they jumped a four foot high field fence to enter the farm.

Outside a goat Thomson was raising as a breeder lay dead, valued at least $150. Another goat was down in the intersection, with an injury. Police arrived. At the time he was not scared. But it could have been dangerous, he said. "Thinking back now, I guess they could have turned on me instead of running away."

The next morning, Iztok "Izzy" Ferluga, the owner of Suburban Acres Farm at Millhurst Road at Viviani Drive, woke up to discover his prize buck Alpine named Buddy and a Dorsett sheep named Button were laying dead outside the barn. Both were like his pets, he said, following him around the farm. Both were found with fatal bite marks. He figures the dogs chewed through a fence and dug under it to enter the secured area. 

Ferluga, who started Suburban Acres with wife Adrienne Vento five years ago, fears the dogs will return, and now stands guard over the baby goat pens at night because he can't afford to lose them. He's in the business of breeding goats to eat poison ivy in places like Poricy Park in Middletown, and raising sheep for their wool. The couple estimates the combined combined worth of their breeders is $1,500. "I even feel lucky that I wasn’t around because these dogs were coming in for a kill," he said. He says that because the animals were killed with a lion's squeeze to the neck, but not consumed. 

"If the dogs come to my farm at night and I’m there, they might not leave," Ferluga declared. "I have a right to protect my livelihood, by law. That's all I can say." 

Police say the case is under investigation. Meanwhile, Manalapan has a certain dog owner "under a heightened surveillance program" which includes driving by the property and engaging the owner in conversation to make sure the dogs are properly controlled. 

In Manalapan, there are no laws against owning certain breeds, nor limits on number of dogs. Just that they have to be licensed at six months, said Richardson. 

He added, "I don’t think people are generally at risk of community dogs. We just have to work on a few owners on their responsibilities." 

Ptl. Sean McCarthy handled the incident with the assistance of Ptl. Brian Belardo, Ptl. Edward Hedden, and Sgt. Edward Niesz, along with Western Monmouth Animal Control.   


William June 27, 2014 at 01:58 PM
Lucretia hope the saga does not make you a visit. I am sure the police can determine bites the bludgeoned, Marlboro some 25 yeas ago had a Pack of wild dogs mixed breeds close to 10 dogs it took some time to bring them under control, with Local and outside help, Plus mysterious disappearances of a few. I do believe none survived. And if true these dogs have to be taken care of before anyone gets attacked, Lucretia whats you take on Planet Warming.
Lucretia B June 27, 2014 at 06:07 PM
Anyone ever hear of a wild dog "bludgeoning" its prey? With what? Its head? A wild dog would rip its prey to shreds.
Lucretia B June 28, 2014 at 09:04 AM
Check out the prints one more time. Are these inverted tracks or do they appear like easter eggs? The shape, I mean. And wouldn't it be nice if the farm had the same publicity as the woman who had her pitbull killed by a cop? Boy, I'll tell ya...strange things are happening all over the world--namely in Hollywood--where incidents take place and then get publicity for it. Take Shia LaBeaux for instance. A little publicity? So might a farm which needs business and publicity.
Lucretia B June 29, 2014 at 07:13 AM
Bill Waple suggests I take on planet warming. Gee, what a nice thought.
Sal Anthony July 02, 2014 at 05:18 AM
Did we have to know that it was a full moon that night?


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