Dusk Until Dawn Curfew Continued in Freehold Borough

Due to storm damage, town officials are asking residents to stay indoors after dark again tonight.

Hundreds of Freehold residents are still without power tonight despite around-the-clock work from JCP&L crews.

Earlier today, a First Energy spokesperson said that the majority of power in Freehold would be restored tonight, but extreme damage has caused the town to issue another dusk until dawn curfew.

“In order to maintain the safety of residents without power and to the many crew members working we are issuing another dusk to dawn curfew tonight,” Freehold Borough Mayor Nolan Higgins said.

Officials from Freehold Borough, Freehold Township, Monmouth County, Freehold Regional, New Jersey State Police and JCP&L met again today to discuss the extent of area damages and necessary next steps. According to Higgins, JCP&L has approximately 100 tree and line crews working to restore power in Freehold and it is believed that there are 44 broken poles throughout town.

The following was also decided at the meeting.

  • Freehold Borough will be making a submission to the state for emergency funding to defray expenses incurred during the storm and its aftermath.
  • Monmouth County will assist Borough forces with a crew to pick up brush on Tuesday, July 31.
  • JCP&L will continue working to restore power and have taken down a number of trees. 
  • Freehold Borough has retained the services of four tree removal contractors to remove trees that are the municipality's responsibility.
  • JCP&L continues to stress safety and asks that all residents refrain from areas where downed wires remain.
  • JCP&L has retained private companies to help them with the restoration of power.
  • Police patrols continue to work 12-hour shifts.
  • Sheriff Shaun Golden is continuing to provide extra coverage during the duration of the power outage.

Despite the damage, Freehold Borough officials have commended the efforts of JCP&L crews and the open communication about outages.

“The morale of residents have been great,” said Higgins. “Residents understand the importance of the situation they are in, they see the crews working around the clock and the presence of municipal members and that helps.”

Higgins also confirmed that at this time there are still no reports of any injuries from the storm.


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