FBPD Recognized for Heroic Acts

Six Freehold Borough Police Officers were recognized after saving three people from a fire and stopping someone from ripping off a local business with counterfeit money.

Six of Freehold Borough’s finest were recognized for their heroic actions in front of a packed Freehold Borough boardroom Monday night.

The officers were recognized in two separate groups. First, five officers were called up to receive a letter of accommodation after they saved the lives of three Piscataway residents. The sixth officer also received a letter of accommodation for his actions of perusing a man who used counterfeit money at a local shop.

In November, Officer Jaye Slatas, Shaun Hobbs, Nick Iozzi, Mark Garahan, and Det. John Reiff, were traveling back to Freehold from training in Somerset when they noticed smoke coming from a home in Piscataway. Instead of alerting the authorities and driving on, the group sprang into action and saved the lives of the three people inside the home. 

“It turns out, the five of you had come across a case of arson, however, your quick actions saved lives and property and represented the Freehold Borough Police Department in an exceptional matter and made us proud, very, very proud,” said Police Chief Glenn Roberts.

Ptl. Walter Perski was the sixth officer recognized Monday night. His letter of accommodation was in response to his actions of perusing men who were using counterfeit money in Freehold Borough stores.

According to Roberts, Perski headed into Downtown Freehold in search of a man who had used counterfeit money at the Oak Hill Deli. Perki was able to contain the three men involved, and upon further investigation, found a medium amount of counterfeit $20 bills and $100 bills.

“As it turns out, two of the men were suspected members of the notorious Bloods street gang. One of them was so well known to the United States Secret Service for counterfeiting acts that they responded to headquarters to launch their own investigation,” said Roberts. “This was an exceptional job, not only did you break up a counterfeiting ring, but you got two dangerous felons off the streets.”

All Freehold Borough Police members honored at the meeting received standing ovations from all attending community members and government officials.


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