Freehold Man Accused of Selling Marijuana Near School, Park

He was indicted on 12 drug crimes after allegedly selling to an undercover cop on three occasions.

A Monmouth County grand jury indicted a Freehold man on 12 drug crimes.

Jacob C. Cole, 20, of Casilda St., allegedly sold marijuana on three separate occasions to an undercover detective.

found Cole allegedly selling marijuana near St. Rose of Lima Elementary School on Nov. 4 and Nov. 9. He also allegedly sold marijuana to a undercover detective on Nov. 21 near Orchard Hills Park.

Cole is indicted on 12 drug crimes: three counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute; two counts of possession within 1,000 feet of a school with intent to distribute; three counts of distribution; two counts of distribution within 1,000 feet of school property; one count of possession with intent to distribute within 500 feet of a public park; and one count distribution within 500 feet of a public park.

jerseyswamps June 16, 2012 at 09:02 AM
Interesting. I saw this yesterday and was going to comment on the writer's choice of words. Yesterday the headline said "Freehold man accused of selling WEED". A word used by those with a bit more knowledge of the subject.
MediaLiterate June 16, 2012 at 04:16 PM
For the sake of credibility, the reporter and /or the editor should include ALL the facts. Sometimes a story isn't as BIG as the headline. The amount of marijuana and cash exchanged isn't even mentioned. CONSIDER THIS SCENARIO: a friend asks you to do a favor (while he's on vacation, etc.)- drop off a package, and they'll give you some money. There are no"red flags" of suspicion... no dark alley meetings, no "bad neighborhood", no BIG dollars involved... A warning to naive, young adults- It's amazing the amount of trouble, and the number of "counts" that will accumulate against you for what you may have thought were 3 incidents of doing a favor.
Team Sheen June 16, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Umm I don't think this guy was naive or doing a friend a favor. My man is a weed dealer - and not a bright one.
Jersey Teapot-Party June 19, 2012 at 11:58 AM
Why dont the Freehold police do some real work like catching thieves instead of entrapping young kids and ruining their lives so they can never get a legitimate job again and are forced to life a crime. Thanks FPD for ruining lives and causing harm. Good work. No go catch some real bad guys!
Lisa Johnson February 08, 2013 at 08:19 PM
ummm Jersey Teapot-Party I don't think a 20 year old is considered a kid by anyone's standards. He will be tried as an adult as far as I know. Freehold PD GREAT Job again!!!


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