Good Samaritan May Have Helped Save 2 Children In Lakewood Accident

Two young children reportedly were pinned under a car in a Sunday accident

It may have been the quick thinking of an unknown person who rescued two young children pinned under the car in a Lakewood accident on Sunday, according to The Lakewood Scoop.

The Lakewood Scoop has pictures of the man and is asking if anybody knows him.

The two young children were reportedly unconscious when they were pulled from under the vehicle.

The man immediately got out of his car, popped the trunk of the vehicle which was on top of the children, removed the car’s jack, and began jacking up the car, according to The Lakewood Scoop.

The accident reportedly happened at 1:30 p.m. at the corner of Route 9 and Cushman Street, according to The Asbury Park Press. The newspaper identified  the driver as 20-year-old Baila Chana Berglas of Lakewood.

The children remain in serious but stable condition at Jersey Shore Medica Center this morning.

More information on this story can be found here.

citizen January 25, 2013 at 06:59 PM
I really can't believe the tone of these messages. The Lakewood residents are made to sound like locusts or something. I have to say that I agree with some of the sentiments, I could never put that in writting.
VoiceofReason January 25, 2013 at 07:13 PM
Lakewood is a disturbing town and 90+% of people avoid traveling through it. "The Lakewood Residents" as you called them, are ignorant and have no regard for other peoples property. I worked in that town, unfortunately, for a few years and feared for my life, and my vehicle every darn day. It's one thing if you want to live in filth, be rude and ignorant and oblivious to your own "people" but to the rest of us, they need a little slap... They are disgusting.
JW January 29, 2013 at 04:55 AM
I'm so surprised at the tone of these comments. i actually have been working in Lakewood for the last 5 years and while the traffic can get really bad, I have been pretty impressed with the people that I've come into contact with. I can also tell you (from the line of work that I'm in) they they absolutely pay taxes. Come on folks, this is America in 2013, are we so intimidated by people who are different than we are that we actually need to resort to such hate and ignorance? If so then I fear for the world my kids will grow up in, if my own neighbors are spewing hatred and nastiness. I thought we were better than that.
Mind of my own January 29, 2013 at 05:21 AM
It is disgusting how people try to sell their obvious bigotry as anything but that. All of these theories that "They" (The Jews) don't pay taxes and "All" of them drive horrible. Really? Lets see your thorough research that proves your statement. The truth is, you have done no research. You've just spewed out what you have heard or thought you have seen through out your life driving through Lakewood. What you are doing is called stereotyping and being prejudice. How about the immense amount of illegal aliens in Lakewood. They are not paying taxes yet they can get free healthcare for their children. Or how about the blacks, Latinos and Caucasians of different faiths who are not working and collecting government assistance. There is more that is contributing to this town's economic spiral than the "people in tall hats with their 900 kids" So before you post something like this on a website, you should do some research. All you are doing is insulting the intelligence of it readers!!!
VoiceofReason January 31, 2013 at 03:43 PM
Umm...no - no research neeeded. The illegals don't drive, the hats do. Look at their vehicles. It's definitely stereotyping. HOWEVER it's also the truth. Anyone can agree. And everyone pretty much does. Ya literally risk your life driving through Lakewood. It's disgusting.


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