Man Found in Bathrobe Charged with Drug Possession, Creating Hazardous Conditions

Freehold Borough man allegedly armed himself with a tree branch and empty glass bottle.

A Freehold Borough man has been accused of creating a hazardous situation, maintaining a nuisance, drug possession, and resisting arrest.

Michael Iacono, 27, of Fourth Street, allegedly walked around a Freehold Borough street in his bathrobe while arming himself with a tree branch and empty glass bottle on Saturday, Jan. 19. According to his complaint warrant, Iacono did not have any undergarments on while he walked the street in his bathrobe. He also allegedly used offensively coarse language while walking.

The complaint warrant further explains that Iacono’s behavior endangered the safety and health of his neighbors, specifically by repeatedly acting in a manner that caused annoyance and alarm.

Iacono also faces a drug possession charge after one plastic container and three plastic bags containing a green vegetative matter, believed to marijuana, was recovered from his living room. Freehold Borough Police also discovered two hand rolled cigarettes holding the same matter.

Freehold Borough police also charged Iacono with resisting arrest after he allegedly pinning his arms under his body, which physically prevented his arrest.

Iacono has been remanded to the Monmouth County Correctional Institution (MCCI) on $4,000 bail.


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