New York Resident Faces Credit Card Charges After Shopping Spree

Charges include credit card and identity theft.

A New York resident faces charges after being arrest in Freehold Township following a shopping spree at the Freehold Raceway Mall with stolen credit cards.

Chen Guang-Ang, 40, of Corona, New York faces charges of credit card theft for being found with 22 different credit cards with different numbers in the name of Yi S. Dong. Guang-Ang is also charged with possession of a fraudulent government document for having a New York drivers license in the name of Dong Yisheng which they used as a way to identify themselves.

Use of the cards included spending $64 at Abercrombie & Fitch, $450 at Lord 7 Taylor and $626.70 at Hollister  for a total of $1140.70.

The final charge was for identity theft for having a drivers license belonging to Dong Yisheng. Court documents said the arrest was made in part due to probable cause that Guang-Ang is an undocumented alien. Bail was set at $42,500.


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