Freehold Resident Indicted on Invasion of Privacy Charge

Man allegedly reproduced graphic images of another person.

A Monmouth County grand jury voted to indict a Freehold resident after he allegedly reproduced intimate images of another person without their consent.

The allegations against Fernando Cordova Tosgua, 39, of Throckmorton Street, stem from a June 2012 incident. According to the indictment, Tosgua knew he was not licensed to reproduced graphic images of another person.

In addition to not having a license to reproduce the images, Tosgua also did not have permission to use the images from the person in them.

Tosgua has been charged with one count of invasion of privacy for the alleged action. The indictment did not say how exactly the image was reproduced, but noted that an invasion of privacy charge could mean that Tosgua photographed, filmed, videotaped, or recorded the image in order to reproduce it.


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