Residents Arrested After Alleged Violent Robbery

Both men face multiple charges, including resisting arrest and robbery.

arrested two Freehold residents Sunday after they allegedly robbed two men and resisted arrest.

Ryan W.  Chapman, 31, of Burki Place and Mashantii W. Troy, 28, of Kentucky Way each face four charges of robbery, obstructing administration, resisting arrest, and hindering following a Sunday incident.  

According to a complaint warrant, Chapman allegedly took $1,500 from a man in Freehold Township while he allegedly struck the man numerous times in the face, head, and body with closed fists.

A separate complaint warrant explains that Troy also allegedly robbed a man by taking a prescription bottle of Zanax tablets and $12 cash. The complaint warrant says that while allegedly robbing the man Troy struck the man in the face and head with closed fists.

The additional charges come from Chapman and Troy allegedly leaving the scene of a police investigation after being requested by a uniformed Police Officer to stay.

Both men were arrested by Freehold Township Police Officer Jimmy Santiago. The complaint warrant does not specify whether Chapman and Troy were working together. Both men were remanded to the on $51,500 bail each. 

Mike July 31, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Great Job FTPD!!!! Always keeping our town safe and removing scum like this from the streets, sounds like 2 drug addicts that probably have been arrested multiple times and keep getting slaps on the wrist. I know our jails are over crowded etc, but here's a news flash, these drug addicts, that don't want or need help, will eventually hurt innocent people. That is a total failure of our legal system, Thank God FTPD recognizes and gets these idiots off the streets! I'm sure their parents are proud!
jimmy07728 August 02, 2012 at 01:54 PM
u thnk theres no help fo drug addicts? you pathetic^
Mike August 02, 2012 at 04:40 PM
Jimmy, I will say I said "that don't want or need help"! Maybe you should get help with reading and english!


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