Spring Lake Boro Police Investigate Criminal Mischief, Theft

Police release January blotter

The Spring Lake Police Department reports the following activity: 

On January 4th, Ptl. Christopher Kucinski responded to the 400 block of Tuttle for a report of criminal mischief.

On January 5th, a Belmar resident was arrested by Ptl. Michael Palmer for possession of controlled dangerous substance.

On January 18th, Det. Sgt. Timothy Giblin received a report of identity theft from a resident of the 200 block of Sussex Avenue.

On January 18th, Ptl. Ryan Reiff received a report of criminal mischief in the 400 block of Ocean Road.

On January 25th, Ptl. Steven Blecki responded to a residence in the 400 block of Jersey Avenue for a report of attempted fraud.  The complainant advised that she was contacted by and individual identifying himself a foreign government official.  During the conversation the individual informed the victim that her grandson was arrested and that she needed to complete a money wire transfer for her grandson to be released.  During the conversation the victim stated that she was allowed to speak with someone that sounded like her grandson and when she started to ask questions the individual began to cry.  The phone was returned to the government official who instructed the victim how to wire the money. The victim was able to contact her grandson and confirm that the phone call was an attempted fraud. 

This scam is known as the Grandma Scam. Residents are warned to check with other family members prior to wiring any money. Particularly if part of the conversation was not to tell mother/father what had occurred.   

On January 26th, Colin Donovan 24, Spring Lake was issued summons by Ptl. Emmett Smith for careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to report a motor vehicle accident following the officer’s locating Donovan’s vehicle involved in a single car accident at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.

On January 28th, Sgt. Patrick Gilroy responded to the 000 block of South Boulevard for a report of theft.      

On January 30th, Ptl. James Heine responded to the 000 block of Worthington for a fraud report.



Hank Kerchef February 05, 2013 at 10:06 AM
Who cares about the A=Hole Micks in Spring Lake.
The Mick! February 05, 2013 at 02:38 PM
From "Hank" on previous posts, "I drive a school bus and drop there every day"-by Hank Kerchef. So from your past posts we can tell you are a bus driver from Share River Hills. Good for you “Hank”, sounds like you have really done well for yourself, keep up the good work! It seems you have a problem with everyone looking at your past posts. Kind of angry aren’t you? Maybe the real problem is looking at you in the mirror. Instead of crying about FEMA and crying about other people why don’t get off the computer and your @ss and do something for YOURSELF. Seem like you spend a lot of time sitting on your brain. Kind of scary that a person with this kind of anger issues is driving a bus isn’t it?


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