Two Holiday City Residents Bilked Out Of Money In Separate Lottery Scams

One man out $75,000; Police warn residents not to respond to mail or phone requests for money

A man recently wired $75,000 overseas to a bogus lottery scam, Detective Sgt. James J. Smith said.

"We are pleading with residents not to send any type of funds to anyone they don't personally know," Smith said.

The man who lost $75,000 had responded to a letter from the "U.S. Megamillions Lottery." The man called the phone number listed in the letter, he said.

"When they call the number, they are given an address to send the money to," Smith said.

The man, whose name police are not releasing, made several wire transfers and sent a total of $75,000, he said.

Another resident lost $1,000 after mailing money to a phony lottery in Costa Rica, Smith said.

The fraudulent lottery scams usually come by phone or mail, he said.

"Once you make contact in the mail, they contact you by phone and it starts from there," Smith said. "Once the money stops, they start calling and threatening. People just need to be aware."

Karen Ann Campbell July 30, 2012 at 11:44 PM
@SoMuchToSay my friend. I have a decent job. I had a career before my children were born but they were my priority and once we moved to the shore I was never able to get a job in my field again and I was not willing to commute north/ My husband was tops in his field until the housing market went bust. Thankfully things are getting better. Ok insurance but the premiums have skyrocketed. I have not crashed and burned in my life. Well not in the way you mean. My body has failed me at 44 and I have a chronic illness. So I am not sure who is feeding you the information you are going on but it does not surprise me that you are jumping to conclusions you always do. I wear your disgust for me like a badge of honor.
oldsoldier July 31, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Obviously from here it's impossible to know each other. I have "walked the walk". I do not know your experience working with the handicapped. I believe we treat criminals better than we treat our own elderly in certain ways. You work with the handicapped, what is your biggest complaint? Is it lack of family involvement? While I agree that to throw $75K out the window is crazy, would it happen if a family member was watching over their affairs? Yes, I too helped with my grandparents, parents, etc. I know what it is like to have prevented a grandparent from falling victim to a potential crime. It stinks that we have to, but if family does not, then who will? As for judging you, in this blog, I call it the way I read it. I read your posts judging the elderly, and your lack of sympathy. Go to an adult community, see how many pool their resources because they cant afford to go it alone anymore. Have you thought that perhaps some (not all) do what they do out of desperation? Those that committed the crimes will probably go to jail for what may be a life sentence, and the services they were perhaps lacking will be provided. Perhaps in all liklihood they will lose everything in the process. If they make it out of jail, where next? A nursing home? The end? Instead of trying to put me on the defensive, why don't you think about what I posted? I hope everyone thinks about this: What seniors are dealing with today we may be dealing with in the future, some sooner than others.
Karen Ann Campbell July 31, 2012 at 12:20 PM
@oldsoldier I have nothing against the elderly or you. Bad day yesterday got some not so great news and should learn not to post it comes out in my words. I think many people in this community who would normally not do criminal acts are out of desperation. And I think many common criminals are just using that excuse. Have a good day.
Karen Ann Campbell July 31, 2012 at 12:21 PM
Correction in this economy people do desperate acts to maintain their families.
Nicole July 31, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Wow so many heartless people commenting on this, it's very sad. The elderly in this community and any community should be respected for the people they once were and whom they have become. Quite a lot of them I'm sure are not in the mental capacity they should be in order to live alone, yet they don't have a choice. Instead of condemning them and calling them "stupid", how about you have some compassion. Wouldn't you want someone to have compassion for your elderly relatives? I know I would. The point of this story is that there are scumbags out there just preying on the most vulnerable people in the world...the elderly and children. So with the mentality of most above - if a child is kidnapped, are they stupid? They were told since they were 2 years old not to talk to strangers, never get into a strangers car...does it make them stupid because THEY were the victim of a crime? No, same with the elderly. They are trusting, too trusting and naive....same as the elderly....you people need to realize, you will be these elders eventually...have a little respect.


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