Appropriations Authorized for Storm Damage

The money will be used to finance and reimburse costs related to recovery efforts.

The Freehold Borough Council has passed a resolution authorizing $200,000 to be used to help with costs related to the town’s recovery after last month's .

The resolution was passed by the four present Council members at the Monday, Aug. 3 meeting. Councilman Jaye Sims and Councilman Michael DiBenedtto were not in attendance.

According to the resolution, the $200,000 is a special emergency appropriation that will be used for the financing and reimbursement of costs related to the recovery efforts in the borough.  

“Part of the funds we are appropriating came from the fact that we had a very easy winter and we didn’t use as much funds for snow removal and the like,” said Councilman George Schnurr. 

The $200,000 appropriation will be a start for the recovery of Freehold Borough, but according to Borough Administrator Joseph Bellina the town is working with the County to get more funding.

“We did make an application through the County Offices of Emergency Management to the state of New Jersey for them to endorse a request to the Federal Government for funding which would help offset this,” said Bellina. 

The resolution states that it will become effective immediately upon its passage, approval, and publication.


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