Drainage Improvements Coming to Freehold Borough Streets

Earle Asphalt Company was awarded the contract to make needed improvements on three Freehold Borough roads.

Three Freehold Borough roads will receive needed drainage improvements thanks to the passing of a new resolution.

At the Monday Freehold Borough Council meeting, a resolution was unanimously passed to have Earle Asphalt Company perform needed construction on Bowne Avenue, Barkalow Avenue, and Brentwood Avenue.

According to the resolution, various drainage improvements will be made to the three roads for a total cost of $202,713.13. Originally, the town's engineer estimated that the construction work would cost $175,852. Three companies originally placed bids on the work in August, Earle proposed the least expensive bid and was awarded the job.

The money for the construction will come out of the General Capitol Fund. The resolution did not state when the construction would commence.

The Griffin Family December 05, 2012 at 02:07 PM
How about improving the drainage at the corner of Kiawah and Park Ave so the elementary students and parents with strollers don't have to precariously maneuver around the GIANT hole that continuously becomes either a watery mud pit or frozen sheet of ice? How bout that?
Jane Healton December 05, 2012 at 04:18 PM
How can the Council authorize when they obviously don't have funds to even take the tree debris off the streets? All the street, even the three mentioned, have these giant piles like whale carcasses the we have to dodge and that are scraping the paint off everyone's cars. I can understand the Borough being too short of funds to do anything, but how can they authorize spending $200K?


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