Few Brick Customers Still Without Electricity As Controversy Brews Over Restoration

Under 1,000 still without power, but controversy and frustration grows

Fewer than 1,000 Brick customers of Jersey Central Power & Light remained without power early Sunday morning, though those who were still in the dark became frustrated with the utility company.

The mounting frustration led township officials to issue a plea to the company on its Facebook page Saturday night, asking them to restore power in some sections of town.

The Shore Acres neighborhood, badly affected by Hurricane Sandy, has remained without power since the storm struck.

Residents in that neighborhood were among the 865 customers - out of about 35,000 total in town - to be out of power.

"JCP&L has been in contact with the [township] and has told Mayor Acropolis they are refusing to turn power on is areas that were most heavily impacted by Sandy," the post said.

Residents of the neighborhood have reported to Brick Patch that they were told by JCP&L that township inspectors must first approve power restoration, though the township has maintained that is not true, and has placed responsibility on JCP&L to turn the power back on.

According to the post Saturday night, the township contacted Gov. Chris Christie's office over the situation, and that office has handed the matter over the Board of Public Utilities, which regulates power companies.

A call to JCP&L Saturday night was not immediately returned.

Linda Lil November 12, 2012 at 03:33 AM
also there will not be relocation grants. don't count on that!
RS November 12, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Actually if applied for correctly there are relocation grants. I received one as well as many others whom I know. You must follow the procedure and tell them what they need to hear. If you weren't without power for 5 days when you placed the FEMA claim then you must call and tell them that the power has now been off for more than five days and they'll send you a check or deposit it. Appeal your decisions with FEMA as well. Don't assume it's all done automatically and don't assume they're going to give you thr moat they can right from the start.
lifelonginbrick November 12, 2012 at 12:35 PM
I've only had half power since Sandy hit. I know it's weird. People look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them. Now I'm thankful for at least having half power but not having a functioning kitchen and stumbling in the dark except for my livingroom and bedroom is starting to get to me. I had an electician over last night who verified that I'm only getting 120v instead of 240v into my breaker panel. I've been back and forth with JCP&L and my last call from them said they couldn't see any 'obvious' crimp in the line maybe it's tree branches hitting the line. Huh? On Satuday I saw a JCP&L truck near my block they just leaned out of the truck and looked at the lines then drove off. Could they really see a crimp in the lines that way? So far they can't even tell me that the full 240v service is going to my house. Anyone having a similar problem?
Becki Hager November 12, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Please keep us posted if you find out anything from the meeting today, lisa. We are staying 2+ hours away and would love to know if we heed to get an electrician to prove our panel is ok, etc etc etc. Thanks in advance!!!!
Suzanne - Middletown November 12, 2012 at 06:37 PM
My parents live in Seawood Harbor. There house was inspected by the Township nearly a week ago and deemed safe. The electrical panel was NEVER syubmerged. Last night, JCP&L pulled their meter off the house! Their house was on a list, given to JCP&L officials, instructed NOT TO TOUCH as it was SAFE. They were only stopped from disconnecting the entire neighborhood's meters after the last neighbor on the street called the Mayor and he showed up and put a stop to it. What's happening to them and the rest of you here is a travesty!! My Mom has Alzheimer's and Dad only came to stay with us for a short time. He keeps hoping someone will come to restore his power. Today I called JCP&L on their behalf, lodged a complaint (yeah, right) and insisted on a work order to replace their meter. Brick is urging residents, both with and without power, to call JCP&L, telling them to restore power. Maybe if their own people in call centers start walking off the job because of phone abuse from customers, they might wake the hell up!!!


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