Freehold Borough Appointments for 2013

The governing body accepted nominations and appointments from the mayor for 2013.

The Freehold Borough appointments for 2013 were announced at the Sunday, Jan. 6 Freehold Borough Reorganization meeting. The appointments are as follows.

Deputy Clerk: Joseph Bellina, one year

Treasurer and Collector Water and Sewer Rents: Richard J. Gartz, one year

Deputy Treasurer: Kathleen Caruso, one year

Borough Historian: Kevin Coyne, one year

Emergency Management

  • Daniel Megill: Deputy Coordinator, one year
  • Chief Glenn Roberts: Public Safety, one year
  • Joseph B. Bellina: Damage Assessment, one year
  • Traci L. DeBenedetto: Shelter and Welfare, one year
  • Garry Jackson: Fire Prevention Rep., one year
  • J. Nolan Higgins: Ex Officio, one year
  • Jillian Kiwit: Captain or Duly Authorized, one year
  • Margaret Jahn: Health Department, one year
  • Sal DeJesus: Streets and Roads, one year
  • Norman Townsend: Water Department, one year
  • Mike Baker: Water Plant

Fire Prevention Bureau

Garry Jackson: Fire Official, one year

Human Relations Committee

  • Carol Lida: three years
  • Gianna Dell’Omo: three years
  • Christine Gregory: three years

Historic Preservation Committee

  • Barbra Wagner: three years
  • Kevin Coyne: three years
  • Gregory Clark: three years
  • Gil Burgess (Alt. 2): two years

Housing Authority

George Kelder: five years

Lake Topanemus Commission

  • Roger Kane: three years
  • Dr. C. Gregory Jewell: one year

Library Commission

  • Jane Kaye: five years
  • Barbra Jenette: one year

Memorial Day Parade Committee

  • Alice McCobb: one year
  • Amanda McCobb: one year
  • Charles Sona: one year
  • Bernard Weinstein: one year
  • John Bosco: one year
  • John Mazekien: one year
  • Ken Pulchlopek: one year
  • Sidney Blacknall: one year
  • Walter Kowalski: one year
  • Nick Gardner: one year
  • Sgt. Ronnie Steppat: one year

Municipal Alliance

  • Sharon Shutzer: two years
  • John Reiff: two years
  • Annette Jordan: two years
  • Superintendent Freehold Borough Schools: two years

Planning Board

  • Danielle Sims: four years
  • Kevin Asadi: four years
  • Garry Jackson: one year
  • Kevin Lewis, Alt. 1: two years

Recreation Commission

  • Sheryl Mott: five years
  • Bob Bennett: five years

Shade Tree Commission

Victoria Krauss: five years

Marc LeVine January 11, 2013 at 02:55 AM
Great to see so many fine residents serving our town. Best wishes.
Jack Dean January 21, 2013 at 12:36 AM
Marc, Thank you for your service to our community.


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