Freehold Township Mayor, Committeemen Sworn In

Barbra McMorrow was named Freehold Township Mayor, Anthony Ammiano and Tom Cook were sworn in as a Committeeman.

The New Year has brought a new mayor and a new committee member to Freehold Township.

On Friday, Jan. 4 Township reorganization-meeting attendees watched as Barbra McMorrow, Anthony Ammiano and Tom Cook took their new respected positions on the Committee.

Following an eventful 2012 term as Mayor, Ammiano took the oath of office to become a Committeeman and was named Deputy Mayor of Freehold Township.

Cook, a Committee newcomer, took his first oath of office Friday night as he was sworn in and filled the vacant seat on the Committee after the retirement of Bob McGirr.

"I am truely honored and humbled to be sitting here today as a public official of a town I love, my wife and I are both third generation members of the community which makes this moment even more special," said Cook. "I would like to thank Mayor McMorrow, Deputy Mayor Ammiano, Committeeman Salkin, Golub, and former Committeeman Bob McGirr for their support and assistance, I was the new guy and they could not have been more gracious, in giving their assistance and advice during the campaign."

After Cook and Ammiano were sworn in, the next item on the meeting’s agenda was to elect a Mayor to serve for 2013. Present Committee members unanimously voted to elect McMorrow to the position.

“The other day I was asked whether I was ready to become Mayor of Freehold Township, but I think the more important question is whether Freehold Township is ready for me,” joked McMorrow. “I thank my colleagues on the Committee for the privilege of serving as Mayor and look forward to serving this year.”

The 2013 Freehold Township Committee will meet again on Tuesday, Jan. 15 in the Freehold Township Offices.

Kelly Barry January 07, 2013 at 02:54 PM
Barbara, tell us how a lifelong Democrat becomes a Republican - so you can serve on the all-Republican Freehold Township Committee? This certainly seems counter-intuitive.
Anthony Ammiano January 08, 2013 at 01:12 PM
Because Barbara as a Democrat represented the people not the Party, and that is why she is a excellent choice.


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