New Look for Closed Boat Ramp

Information emerging on how 'ramp debate' will shape up

With some fresh timber in place, the saga of the Glenwood Place boat ramp continues.

Crews have replaced the metal guardrail to the small ramp at the end of Glenwood Place with a timber fence. The fence includes a slot in the middle where small vessels such as kayaks or canoes, or a small aluminum boat loaded into the bed of a pickup truck can access the water.

"I wanted it to be something a little nicer than what was there," said Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis, who made the call to ditch the guardrail that was put up earlier this month, setting off a debate over whether boats on trailers should be allowed to access the Metedeconk River from the site.

Acropolis said he decided to close off access after neighbors complained about unruly behavior by some of the boaters who used the site. Some township residents have complained that closing the ramp will be a hardship since they'll now have to pay to use private ramps or the one at Traders Cove Marina up Mantoloking Road.

The entire issue will be of the township council led by Councilman Dan Toth, who has been leading a charge against the mayor's decision on the ramp.

"The issue is far from over," Toth said Monday.

Acropolis agreed, telling Brick Patch that he has instructed the township attorney to compose a memorandum outlining potential liability issues if the township gives "tacit approval" to the public to use the ramp.

"The township attorney is obviously concerned about the liability issue," said Acropolis.

The mayor also said his administration will prepare a report which will list the cost of turning the makeshift, dirt ramp into a formal paved ramp that conforms to current laws.

"If Dan wants a full-blown ramp there, we'll see how much it will cost," Acropolis said, referring to Toth. "It will probably cost a ton of money, so I don't know if the council would want to do that."

Toth said his committee will look into preserving access to the waterfront at other streets that dead-end to the water.

"We're going to look at them and say, 'what do we have that will work and what do we have that won't work,'" said Toth.

Acropolis said boat trailer parking is not allowed on township streets or on the grass in private lots. He said in the future, residents who allow trailer parking on their property may be at risk of receiving a code violations summons.

citizen August 03, 2012 at 06:15 PM
I know I'm beating a dead horse, but... I watched the Board meeting last night where Mr. Acroplis gave his performance. Tell me, why should Mr. Toth have to call the Mayor before voicing his opinion about the closing of the infamous ramp? Why didn't the Mayor call the board and advise them of his actions? This way if a Board member is approached by one of his/her constituants they would be aware of the situation?If this had been posted or discussed at a meeting and it was decided that this was the coursse of action it wouldn't have been such a surprise. You have to give respect in order to get it. It goes both ways. Bullying and Grandstanding is not the way to go about it. The Academy should be getting in touch w/ the Mayor about an award for the performance. BRAVO!
citizen August 03, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Could the Mayor be guilty of the same thing his predecessor was? A greased palm perhaps? This is exactly why this should have been above board, so that questions like these wouldn't be asked.
citizen August 03, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Why weren't the people parking their trailers ticketed if it was illegal. They have been doing that for the 25 years I've lived here? Why was a blind eye turned to this all these years? Why now?
Glenn August 21, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Ok, here we are over a month later and the mayor has changed his story 3 or 4 times. Exactly how many cars and trucks have turned onto Glenwood Ave in the last 75 years and driven into the river? The end of the boating season is coming soon, take the barrier down now so the local residents can bring their boats home for the winter. Traders Cove has a nice ramp, but the locals will use Bay Ave in Point before they ever use Traders Cove. And if Traders Cove is such a good spot, how about some channel markers? Isn't there a sunken dock out there? Seems that's a bigger liability. Oh, that may be old news, have to check on his latest reason. Oh yeah, mayor wants the council to spend $20-30,000 to upgrade the Glenwood ramp. Well how much have you spent already on Glenwood Ave & Pl and the ramp. Oh, and did you receive your fines for damaging State wetlands with the red stone (non-indeginous) shoulder? And last but certainly not least, does the mayor ever return resident phone calls?
Glenn August 21, 2012 at 03:39 AM
I forgot to mention that the 2 people that spoke at the council mtg, one the home owner who saw 2 girls drop draws and never called to complain, uses and likes the ramp, has lived there for 4 yrs, um 3 yrs, actually 2 1/2 yrs.....And the marina owner that used to advertise the ramp on his website, uses a 50' paper street for parking and storage, and is 3 quarters behind on tax payments..... Great spokesmen. Saw the Brick police boat patrol more this last weekend then the past 2 years combined. Did they hear it was a great place to urinate? Skip that last comment please, all due respect for the police. Perhaps they were looking for the boaters from the marina that exceed the no wake zone speed past my dock daily.


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