Transportation Agreement Bring New Bus for Freehold Borough Seniors

The Senior Citizen Housing Corporation is currently acquiring the new bus that will service all senior citizens in the Borough.

Freehold Borough Seniors will be arriving to their daily activities in a new bus curtsey of the Senior Citizens Housing Corporation.

At the Monday night Freehold Borough Council meeting, the Governing body passed a resolution that authorized a new bus transportation agreement between the Borough of Freehold and the housing corporation.

According to the resolution, the housing corporation will purchase the bus and be responsible for hiring and paying a driver, as well as scheduling transportation. In return, the Borough will provide fuel, insurance, and maintenance to the new bus.

“This bus will service as the last bus did,” said council President Sharon Shutzer. “It is not just for Hudson Manor residents, this is for all senior citizens in Freehold Borough.”

Shutzer further explained that the Borough would not have been able to afford a new bus on its own. Through the new agreement Borough seniors will now be able to go about their daily activities in a new bus.


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