Uncontested Primary in Freehold Township Committee Elections

Councilman Robert McGirr will not seek re-election, but Mayor Anthony Ammiano is looking for another term.

Freehold Township residents will chose from two Republicans and two Democrats to fill the two open seats on the Committee.

Township Committeeman Robert McGirr has decided not to seek re-election. Mayor Anthony Ammiano is also at the end of his 3-year term, but is still vying to serve the town.

According to Terry Warner, Freehold Township clerk, there are two township committee seats open, each a three-year term. Warner said that two Republicans and two Democrats will have their name on this year’s ballot. This means the township primaries will be uncontested.

For the Republicans, Anthony Ammiano will seek re-election and will also run. For the Democrats, and Ken Sullivan are seeking the seats.

Ammiano has served on the Township Committee since 2001 and on the Planning Board since 2000. Cook has served the Township for years as the Parks and Recreation Commissioner. Horigan ran for a committee seat on the Democratic ballot , but lost to incumbents David Salkin and Eugene Golub. This is the first time Sullivan is running for a position.

Freehold Township is organized under the township form of government. The five-member Township Committee is elected directly by the voters. Partisan elections are held in November. The mayor and deputy mayor are selected by the governing body during its annual reorganization meeting. Committee members serve three-year terms. The members of the 2012 Freehold Township Committee are Mayor Anthony Ammiano, Deputy Mayor David Salkin, Eugene Golub, Robert McGirr and Barbara McMorrow. All are Republicans.

william April 04, 2012 at 05:08 PM
ammiano cares nothing about preserving freehold township-as demonstrated on his vote to approve brock farms variance change to build a large senior community and strip mall on already overcrowded 537-anything to line the townships pockets and grant "favors" to influencial businesses in town-VOTE HIM OUT!
william April 04, 2012 at 07:42 PM
http://freehold.patch.com/articles/brock-farms-re-zoning-ordinance-is-effectively-dead vote ammiano out
Claudine Scozzari April 05, 2012 at 11:52 AM
In the worst real estate market, there is plenty of capacity for senior housing. Just west of the site in question, there is a gated community with a little over 1200 unique and distinct homes varying in size that are perfect for seniors. You can live in this community without a car, since you are along a NJ Transit route, in walking distance to two grocery stores and various other shopping. The Township put the Brock community in libo. How is this going to effect the tax payer, if the owner who was expecting the property to be developed? The Township committee just added blight to the community. The days of the Township committees giving a developer every thing the develop wants should end. The developer now has a reason to delay any payments due on the property.
Ritz April 05, 2012 at 02:25 PM
william and Claudine - Instead of being so shortsided - perhaps you should realize what placing a senior center and strip mall in that location will do to economically infuse capital into the community. Freehold already has grant money in place from Trenton to widen 537 - as seen by current construction underway in that area. Elected officals should be sensitive to the economic needs and understand the commerce of the town they serve - and Mayor Anthony Ammiano does exactly that. He's brought more revenue to Freehold, saved the taxpayer on unneccessary rate hikes (unlike many other surrounding Monmouth County towns), and has continued to keep Freehold held to the standard of excellence that has made it the shining center of Monmouth County that it is today.
Claudine Scozzari April 05, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Strip malls do not infuse capital into the community, since the business income taxes are paid to the State. The infusion of capital comes from the ratable generated from the break-up of the large farm blocks that have the potential if large enough can file for a reduced tax ratable like the old Lucas farm is trying to do in Manalapan. Without the new homes, Freehold loses property tax income without having to educate any children. The roadway work is being done without the new construction. The roadway improvements have nothing to do with the strip mall. And, If I was 55+, I would be offended by calling new homes a senior center. The senior center on Jackson Mills road is not in the same category as a new 55+ housing development.


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