Veterans Groups Propose Renovations to Elks Point

Renovations would make Elks Point better functioning with less maintenance.

The Elks Point Memorial Committee came in front of the Freehold Borough Council Tuesday night with plans to renovate Elks Point.

Renovations for the Elks Point Memorial Park stemmed from multiple conversations that began at Freehold Memorial Day Parade Committee meetings. Council George Schnurr explained to the Council that plans for the renovation would make the area require less maintenance.

“There is an architectural plan in place to address the maintenance concerns initially raised by the veterans groups. The plan is for a maintenance free Elks Point and dresses up the main gateway to Freehold Borough and our Downtown District,” said Schnurr.

According to Freehold Borough Engineer Bill Wentzien the renovations to the space would make the space more beautiful, require less maintenance and make it better functioning. After renovations, the space would feature a wider walkway, and weatherproof tributes to those remembered there. In addition, the space would have a semi-circle area that would have space for additional memorials and would create more space for activities to take place without disturbing the crosses.

Currently, the Memorial Committee has raised half of the funds required for the renovations and has asked the Council to cover the rest of costs.

“The proposed project has been endorsed by many of the veteran groups in the area,” explained Schnurr. “I have already spoke to the finance committee once about this. But there is a lot that I would like to have the Council digest first before we come to any conclusion. But that is basically what we are talking about, we are talking about covering the other half of the project."

The Council agreed that the idea of renovating Elks Point was a great idea and will take the plans under advisement.


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