Contested Races for Board of Education Elections in Freehold

There are (3) three-year seats open in both Freehold Township and Freehold Borough.

In both Freehold Township and Borough, there will be contested Board of Education races in November.

Prospective candidates had until Tuesday to submit petitions with ten or more signatures for the the board of education election.

In Freehold Township, there are three (3) three-year term seats up for election this cycle. Kay Poklemba-Holtz, Chris Marion and Jason Levy are all up for re-election.

There are 4 people running for those 3 seats. Incumbents are indicated by (I):

  • Jason Levy, 32 Harvard Oval (I)
  • Kathryn (Kay) Poklemba-Holtz, 55 Birch Hill Road (I)
  • Christopher Marion, 226 Kentucky Way
  • Hassan Shehadeh, 2501 Strawberry Patch Court

In Freehold Borough, there are (3) three-year seats and (1) one-year unexpired term open. Ron Reich, Dr. Michael Lichardi and Maureen MacCutcheon currently hold the three-year seats and Susan Greitz holds the one-year term.

There are 5 people running for those 3 seats. Incumbents are indicated by (I):

  • Paul Ceppi, 16 Ann Street
  • Susan M. Greitz, 374 Park Avenue
  • Michael L. Lichardi, 2 Stillwell Place (I)
  • Maureen MacCutcheon, 75 Broadway (I)
  • Michael S. McKeon, 7 Edgewood Drive

Michele Tennant, 70 Parker Street, is running un-opposed for the one-year term. Ron Reich is the only incumbent not seeking re-election.

Michele June 07, 2012 at 07:25 PM
This is great! I am glad to see some contested elections. Could a debate be organized? Though preferably someplace where the A/C is working. :P
Jane Healton June 08, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Probably. It has been done in the past.


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