Storm-Damaged Equipment Replaced at Freehold Schools

The Freehold Borough Board of Education will receive new technology equipment to replace damaged equipment from July storm.

The that damaged the majority of the Borough also managed to damage technology equipment inside Borough schools. 

The Borough Board of Education (BOE) explained at the Monday night’s meeting that through a State Contract Purchase they will receive two Lenovo Desktops, three Lenovo Laptops, one PC tower and display cables, and two ACER LED Monitors. The new equipment will replace items that were damaged in the Technology Department of the from a roof leak.

“What we thought was condensation turned out to be a leak in the roof from the storm,” explained Borough BOE Business Administrator Patrick DeGeorge. “The lab has a bunch of these computer items in it, some of them got damaged.”

DeGeorge continued to explain that the section of the roof that had the leak is in the process of being fixed.

Outside of the schools, the storm also damaged some trees on the school’s property.

“The storm also caused significant damage to the trees around the property. It cost us $6,500 to remove the trees that were damaged, but, we received an insurance check for $5,000. The insurance company really works very well with us,” said DeGeorge.


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