Cher Lloyd Concert Scheduled for Freehold High School Students

92.3 NOW FM will be giving Freehold High School a free concert at iPlay America Wednesday.

It may have been a bumpy road for Freehold High School, but their prize of having a free concert with Cher Lloyd will become a reality on Wednesday evening.

Back in September, 92.3 NOW FM held their annual "Last School Standing" contest where the school with the most votes would win a concert at their school. This year, a concert with Cher Lloyd, a finalist in the UK’s X-Factor, was up for grabs. After an intense few weeks of voting, Freehold High School was named the winner with 37.5% of the votes, beating out schools from all over the tri-state area.

“It was a community effort, not only were [Freehold High School] students voting, but parents and students in other schools were voting for us,” explained Michael Raia, a junior at Freehold High School.

After the voting polls closed online, it looked like Freehold High School had won, but a winner could not be declared until the radio station cleared it with administration said Raia.

“We were told there was a policy against concerts at our school but our principal said she would contact the administration. The administration kept an open mind and saw the pride and hard work that went into winning this concert.”

To further show their dedication and school spirit, Raia took to the internet with a petition to allow the concert to go through.

“We didn’t want to demand the concert, but we wanted the petition to show just how hard we worked and how the community came together for us,” said Raia. “We recognized and appreciated that the administration was keeping an open mind about the concert, but we wanted to show them just how important the concert was to us.”

On Sept. 27 the Freehold Regional High School District (FRHSD) issued a statement saying that the concert would take place in November at iPlay America.

The long wait is almost over. Freehold High School students will be able to see a free concert with Cher Lloyd at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 28.


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