Freehold Borough Education Foundation Awards Over $15K in Grants

The small grants fund innovative projects proposed by borough teachers.

The Freehold Borough Education Foundation announced recipients for its 2014 Small Grant Program. The grants support proposals by Freehold Borough teachers for creative and innovative learning experiences in the classroom.

The following are the small grants awarded by the foundation:
  • Diane Dispenza "Battle of the Books"  This grant provides an important opportunity for  fifth grade students to read and examine quality literature in pursuit of the Common Core Standards in ELA literary. (Amount approved: $743.07)
  • Rachel Klott "Instruments for Students" This grant provides an important opportunity for the instrumental program to grow along with the student musicians. Xylophones will provide a learning experience for the percussionists who will be able to read standard music notation. (Amount approved: $3,010)
  • Andrea Sverapa "Letter People Learning Resources" This grant provides a fun, visual resource in the Letter People Puppets which preschool students can manipulate. This literacy activities aid provides  an engaging way to learn. (Amount approved: $625)
  • Dawn Fetterly "Reading Strong-Common Core Strong"  The use of these nonfiction texts  will assist in the pursuit of common core standards and will benefit students during ELA sessions. (Amount approved: $750)
  • Nancy Miles & Donna Johnson"Library for Struggling Readers"Using these books to expand the classroom library and to address the needs of struggling readers will lead to success for ELA students. (Amount approved: $1,361.58)
  • Heather Glovich, Jacqueline Tur and Yatta Dukuly "Ancient WorldThrough Middle Ages Map Set" These maps will be an essential  tool for increasing the students’ knowledge of the world while addressing different learning styles. (Amount approved: $1,002.73)
  • Anne Marie McMahon "Folktale Genre Study" Using these books and story- telling aids to promote multicultural education and literary goals will engage students and foster critical thinking skills. (Amount approved: $750)
  • Irene McFadden, Peggy Earheart, Suzanne Peltzman and Scot King  "Trip Through Time"  Arranging a visit by Native American Kenneth Little Hawk, and utilizing the Monmouth County Historical Association’s trunk show about colonial times will make history come alive for fifth grade  students. What a great idea to utilize the local resources of the Monmouth County Historical Association! (Amount approved: $1,145)
  • Kelly Hobbs, Kari Schmidt and Heather Elkin "Girls Night In" The effort to encourage self esteem in 5th  and 6th grade girls is a wonderful goal which we support. (Amount approved: $1,400)
  • Tricia Joy Cundari "Great Kids Deserve Great Books" This program addresses critical thinking and writing skills, reading fluency and comprehension, and vocabulary building as required by the Common Core Standards. Ms. Cundari is to be commended for her effort to become trained in the Great Books Program! (Amount approved: $823.45)
  • Lauren Filipek "Handwriting Without Tears" These multisensory aids to encourage handwriting skills will engage Mrs. Filipek’s  preschool students and support different learning styles and development stages. (Amount approved: $828.58)
  • Wendy Buchanan, Danielle Gianbrone and Natasha Perski"Little Space, Big Ideas" These teachers are to be commended on their willingness to organize a book area and monitor its use. (Amount approved: $1,545)
  • Kathy Mulholland "Project Central @ Freehold Public Library" Mrs. Kathy Mulholland is the children’s librarian at the Freehold Borough Public Library. Her proposal is to purchase computer supplies for the library to be used by students. The FBEF has recommended that  the funds would be spent on Chromebook laptops which would be compatible with the school district equipment on which the students have some experience. It is anticipated that the library would be able to purchase 5 such laptops plus school supplies. (Amount approved: $1,500)


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