Freehold Borough Teachers Receive Grants for New Projects

The Freehold Borough Education Foundation will fund ten grants for new classroom programs.

Ten new educational programs will be implemented into Freehold Borough schools, thanks to the Freehold Borough Education Foundation.  

At the Jan.28 Freehold Borough Board of Education (BOE) meeting, 17 teachers will be recognized for their new learning plans. The programs range in topics from life skills, reading, and music.

The foundation’s website states, “Foundation funds are not intended as a substitute or replacement for the regular school budgets. Rather, the grants awarded by the Foundation have stimulated the development of new innovative programs that would not otherwise have been possible. They have encouraged excellence in creative teaching and facilitated student development. They have injected new energy into our schools, giving students a chance to participate in exciting and challenging projects.” 

Grant money for the ten new educational programs totals $7,325. Below is a list of program descriptions that will be coming to Freehold Borough schools.

Park Avenue Elementary School grants:

1.Fifth Grade team: Suzanne Peltzman, Tracy Corsano, Irene McFadden, Peggy Earhart

Project title: “ Connecting to the Common Core”, in the amount of $1290.00 Classroom support materials aligned to the Common Core.

2.Lauren Filipek: pre-school teacher

Project title: “ Music! Music! Music!” in the amount of $600.00. Requesting an Apple iPod with a portable speaker system

3.Third grade teachers: Juanita Jones, Andrea Iglesias, Tricia Cundari, Amanda Simonelli, Meghan Reistrom

Project title: “Tour @ The World” in the amount of $1,500.00. Supplies to support an assembly that shows the students’ study of cultural awareness, in collaboration with Music and Art teachers.

4. Peggy Earhart: 5th grade teacher

Project title: “3 R’s- Reading, wRiting, Recording” in the amount of $600.00. To purchase recording devices to improve reading and writing skills, particularly fluency and comprehension.

5. Suzanne Peltzman: Fifth grade teacher

Project title:” You’ve Got Mail” in the amount of $165.00. Classroom supplies-mailbox holder and storage boxes to facilitate classroom organization. 

6. Jillian Lazaro, Kindergarten teacher at the (PAE) West Freehold Campus

Project title: “Fancy Fine Motor Fun” in the amount of $850.00. Craft supplies to expand upon the Social Studies and Science Themes.

Freehold Learning Center grants:

7.Diane Dispenza: Fifth grade teacher

Project title: “Battle of the Books ’13” in the amount of $750.00. Purchase of appropriate novels to enable students to participate in this challenge.

8. Anne-Marie Mahon: First grade bilingual teacher

Project Title: “Folktale Genre Study” In the amount of $170.00. Purchase of “Storytelling with Folktale” to enhance student study of this genre, in accordance with the Common Core Standards.

9.Dawn Fetterly: Fourth Grade Teacher

Project Title: “Getting to the Core of Reading” in the amount of $700.00. Purchase a nonfiction reading and assessments library to raise the bar on student reading achievement.

Freehold Intermediate School grants:

10. Heidi Brache, Life and Career Skills Teacher

Project title: “Support Materials” in the amount of $700.00. Materials to support the 21 st Century Life and Career Skills Standards to help students become global citizens.

The Griffin Family January 17, 2013 at 10:36 PM
Thank you FBEF for all you do for us!


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