Freehold High School Prepares Emergency Response to Bomb Threat

A bomb threat was found on the school's campus, the district announced.

The is taking safety measures in response to a written bomb threat discovered on the school’s campus for Wednesday, Feb. 1, the district announced in a press release issued Tuesday. 

Administrators have already activated the emergency response plan in preparation for the execution of emergency procedures tomorrow morning. As with other threats, administrators have also filed a police report and are working with law enforcement officials on a state and local level. Every precaution is being taken to secure the safety of students and staff. As a result, belongings may be subject to a search, police will conduct a thorough search of the entire school, and explosive detecting dogs will be utilized as a part of the emergency response procedures.   

Parents and guardians have been notified via the Freehold Regional High School District Parent Link System that transmits instant phone messages and emails to inform them of proceedings, the release said. Follow-up alerts will also be sent to provide continuous updates on the status of the emergency procedures as they unfold. Alerts will also be continuously available on the district’s website. 

Today's threat comes only five days after The district urged parents and guardians to talk to their children and impress upon them the seriousness of threats in today’s society. Students should be encouraged to notify them or school personnel should they hear of any planned or potential disruptive behavior. 

Parents and guardians are free to call the Freehold High School at 732-431-8360 or the Office of Communications and District Projects at 732-792-7300 ext. 8542 if they have any questions.


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