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Defensive Action by Freehold Twp Schools Prompted By a Father's Search

All 8 Freehold Township Schools were in "shelter in place" lockdown Tuesday morning when a father came looking for his daughter, who is no longer enrolled in the schools.

Dwight Eisenhower School in Freehold
Dwight Eisenhower School in Freehold
All 8 Freehold Township schools were briefly in "shelter in place" lockdown mode this morning after school staff reported that a man drove to two different middle schools asking for a female student he said was his daughter, but who administration could not identify as enrolled at the schools. 

Later, it has been determined the man’s visit to the schools was a result of an ongoing custody issue regarding his daughter who no longer attends school in the Freehold Township School District, according to Neal Dickstein Assistant Superintendent of Schools in a letter posted on the Clifton T. Barkalow School website. 

The man was turned away at the entrance of the Clifton T. Barkalow School on Stillwells Corner Rd. and then traveled to Dwight Eisenhower School on Burlington Road seeking the student.  

After conferring with police about the unknown man's requests, Superintendent Ross Kasun called for a "shelter in place" lockdown around 10:45 a.m.

Shelter in place means teachers to close blinds in their classrooms, and no one is permitted to enter or exit the schools, but instruction continues as normal. 

After working with Freehold Township Police, school staff was able to identify the man, and the "shelter in place" was lifted around 11:30 a.m.

The school district notified parents through a phone call and notice on the school website. Kasun told APP.com that the school received a few more phone calls than usual from concerned parents.  


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